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RoofBag Car Top Carriers
Warranty and Returns Policy

Details about Car Top Carriers 30-day Returns Policy,
2-year Quality Warranty, Waterproofness,
Late Arrival and Proper Installation.



RoofBag car top carriers and accessories are covered with a 30-day return policy. If within 30 days of purchase you wish to return the unused RoofBag car top carrier and/or accessories, send an email to: requesting a Return Authorization Number, and explaining the reason for the return.

After you receive a Return Authorization Number, return the car top carrier and/or accessories to us in new condition and if possible, in the original packaging. To protect the roof carrier from damage during travel, fold it carefully, the way it was folded at the factory, and enclose it in the original or a similar plastic bag and carton. Include a copy of your email and our reply.

Once we receive the item(s) in new condition, we will gladly issue a refund as follows:

  1. If you are returning the rooftop carrier and/or accessories because they did not fit your car and we receive the items in new condition, we will gladly refund the full purchase price of the items returned, excluding shipping charges. (We can't refund the shipping charges because we paid the shipping company for delivering your package, and we can't get that money back).

    Please describe in your email the reason why the carrier or accessory did not fit your car.

  2. If you are returning the cartop carrier because of late delivery by the shipping company, you cannot use it, and the items are still in the original packaging, we will refund the full purchase price of the items returned, excluding shipping charges. If the shipping company issues a refund for the shipping fee (such as when the late delivery was their fault), we will gladly pass-on the refund to you.

  3. If the return of the cartop carrier and/or accessories is not because of a fitting problem or a late delivery problem, and we receive the items in new condition, we will refund the full purchase price, excluding shipping charges.

  4. Unused carriers or accessories returned without a Return Authorization Number, or received by us damaged due to poor packaging, will be charged a 30% restocking fee in addition to shipping fee, before issuing a refund.

  5. No refunds will be issued for good, unused, returned items postmarked after 30 days from the shipping date.



Used car top carriers or accessories don't qualify for a refund, but if defective, may qualify for repair or replacement free of charge under the 2-year warranty against defects (see Defective Items section below).

If we receive a non-defective car top carrier and/or accessories with signs of use, we will have to return the carrier to the customer at the customer's expense, since the carrier does not qualify for either repair, replacement or refund.

Use the following address for all returns :

RoofBag - Returns


We take great care in manufacturing and inspecting all RoofBag car top carriers and accessories that leave our factory, to insure that our products are durable and free of any defects. To protect customers against the unlikely event of a manufacturing problem, RoofBag car top carriers and accessories are covered with a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

  1. The two-year warranty against defects covers the following: Any defect in the manufacturing or in the materials used to manufacture the RoofBag car top carrier and accessories, specifically: defective or improper stitching or welding, puncture or tear of the fabric under normal use, water leakage through the fabric or the seams, failure of the straps, buckles or other hardware, separation of any seam or joint, improper operation or integrity of the zipper, or functional defects in any of the accessories.

  2. The two-year warranty against defects does not cover: Natural wear and tear that occurs during use, or damage caused by accidents, improper installation, misuse, improper care, or failure of the car’s components used for attachment of the RoofBag carrier.

If you receive a defective RoofBag car top carrier, or if within 2 years after the date of purchase you discover a manufacturing or materials defect that affects the carrier's performance, send us an email to: describing the problem and requesting a Return Authorization Number. Make sure you include your name and date of purchase in the email, so that we can locate your records. Once you receive our reply with a Return Authorization Number, return the roof top carrier to us and include a copy of your email and our reply with the Return Authorization Number. Fold the RoofBag car top carrier as close as possible to the way it was folded originally, and enclose it in the original or a similar plastic bag and carton to protect the carrier during travel.

When we receive the defective rooftop carrier, we will gladly repair it or replace it (at our option) at no charge. If we receive the defective carrier within 21 days from the date of purchase, we will pay for shipping in both directions. After the initial 21 days and before 60 days from the date of purchase, we'll pay only for the return shipping of the carrier from our plant to you. After the initial 60 days you would need to pay for shipping in both directions.

Use the following address for returns:

RoofBag - Returns


Our RoofBag Cross Country car top carrier is the most waterproof carrier in the industry. We use 100% waterproof materials, and use advanced manufacturing techniques that create 100% waterproof joints. For added protection, a 100% waterproof flap covers the zipper.

With proper installation (see precautions below), it is physically impossible for water to get into the carrier under any storm conditions. Our carriers have been tested successfully under the most extreme weather conditions, and countless customers have confirmed and testified that our car top carriers are not only fully waterproof, but also snow-proof and dust-proof (see Testimonials page).

You can watch a video that shows the RoofBag Cross Country car top carrier being tested for water penetration here: Waterproof Test).

However, three installation errors can result in water leakage into the Roofbag Cross Country carrier.

Installation errors to avoid:

  1. If the carrier is half-empty and the zipper is exposed, water can enter the carrier through the narrow gap between the two zipper halves. This can happen if the zipper flap is raised, if a section of the zipper flap is oriented horizontally, instead of vertically (flap should always point down), or if a section of the zipper flap is tilted upside-down such that water can run down into the zipper. To avoid water entry through the zipper, whenever possible use the bag full, which automatically makes the zipper flap point down. And when fastening a half-empty bag, make sure the zipper flap points down and covers the zipper all around. Don't leave any section of the zipper flap in a position where water can run into the zipper. For the same reason, don't wash an empty carrier with a water hose. Even if the zipper is closed, water can get into the carrier through the small gap between the zipper halves.

  2. If the carrier is installed backwards, with the logo toward the front of the car, wind can lift the zipper flap and force water into the bag through the zipper gap. Make sure the logo points towards the rear of the car.

  3. If the zipper sliders are not closed all the way, until they touch at the back of the carrier (the side with the logo).

Please observe the following precautions and you will never get water leakage into your RoofBag Cross Country roof top carrier:
  1. Install the RoofBag logo toward the rear of the car.

  2. Close the 2 zipper sliders all the way until they touch.

  3. Use the carrier full or almost full whenever possible.

  4. If using a half-empty carrier, keep the zipper flap vertical (pointing down all around).
In contrast to the Cross Country car top carrier model, the RoofBag Explorer, even though more waterproof that any other product in the market labeled "water-resistant", is not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. The reason is that the Explorer carrier model uses a manufacturing method that is more economical and includes a sewn zipper flap. The sewing leaves tiny needle holes in the fabric, through which a small amount of water can seep into the bag during heavy rain. Because of this potential water leakage, we call this RoofBag car top carrier "99% waterproof". Nevertheless, please observe the same precautions listed above to avoid water leakage into the RoofBag Explorer car top carrier.


The Arrival Date, or Estimated Arrival Date displayed during the purchase process, is a best estimate provided by the shipping company. These estimates are accurate about 98% of the time. We cannot guarantee that your package will absolutely arrive on the estimated arrival date quoted during the purchase, since about 2% of the time the shipping company delivers late for reasons beyond our control, such as bad weather, overflow in busy season, etc.

If you need your roof bag to definitely arrive by a certain date, please choose a shipping option that allows extra time for arrival, in case your package is one of the unlucky 2% that will arrive later than anticipated, especially during holiday seasons.

If your car top carrier arrived late and you don't need it anymore and you want to return it, please send us an email to: requesting a Return Authorization Number.

We will refund what you paid for the items less shipping fees, unless the shipping company provides a refund of the shipping fees you paid (see below), in which case we will reimburse the shipping cost as well.

Unless the shipping company provides a reimbursement, the shipping fees that we cannot refund include the fee charged by the shipping company for returning the item to us, in addition to the shipping fee you paid. Additionally, if when you purchased the carrier you didn't pay the full shipping cost because of a Free Shipping or Discounted Shipping promotion, we will deduct the unpaid balance of our actual shipping cost before issuing the refund. Please understand that when the sale is undone for reasons beyond our control, we need to recover our actual shipping cost incurred.

We understand that a delay by the shipping company is also beyond the customer's control, which is why we suggest ordering early enough to cover the rare eventuality of a shipping delay.


Some shipping services include a money-back guarantee provided by the shipping company (not by us). This means that if the shipping company delivers the package late because of reasons other than weather-related, overflow during busy holiday season, or a faulty address, they promise to refund the price paid for shipping.

If and when we receive a refund of shipping fees from the shipping company due to a late delivery, we will pass the refund on to the customer.

We recommend to plan in advance and to choose a shipping option with a comfortably early arrival date, to avoid the inconvenience of a late package arrival.


It is extremely rare that a shipping company loses a package (1 out of 4,000 packages in our experience). However, you should know what you can do to minimize your monetary loss in such an event.

At the end of the purchase process, you have a choice between requiring or not requiring a signature when the package is delivered to your door.

Pros and cons of each choice:

Safer: shipping company will reimburse for a lost package.
But: Someone must be home to sign.

Convenient: package delivered even if no one is home to sign.
But: Customer takes responsibility for a lost package.

If you choose SIGNATURE NOT REQUIRED, in the rare event that the shipping company loses your package, or claims to have delivered your package but you didn't receive it, neither the shipping company nor will reimburse for or replace the lost package.

In summary, we recommend:

Choose SIGNATURE NOT REQUIRED if the convenience of not having to sign for the package outweighs the small chance that the package may get lost and no one will reimburse you.

Choose SIGNATURE REQUIRED if the inconvenience of having to be home to sign for the package is not as important as having the shipping company reimburse you in the unlikely event that your package gets lost.


The buyer is responsible for installing the RoofBag car top carrier securely. Installation instructions are published in our website and are printed and shipped with each car top carrier sold. If you require installation assistance,  please consult our Installation page: Installation or call us at .

Please keep in mind that an improperly secured RoofBag car top carrier can fall off the car, potentially injuring others or damaging your belongings or other vehicles. Any damage to the RoofBag car top carrier caused by improper installation is not covered by our warranty. In addition, the manufacturer is not liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage resulting from the use of a RoofBag car top carrier, whether defective or not. The manufacturer's liability is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective carrier according to the warranty terms described under the warranty section of this website.

The RoofBag manufacturer makes no other warranties, expressed or implied about our products. The manufacturer and its owners are not liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from or in connection with the use of the RoofBag carrier or accessories.


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