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Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know about our trip and the Roof Bag. I just purchased the 11 cubic foot bag to use for our trip from Lancaster, PA. To Murrells Inlet, SC.

We have a Hyundai Santa Fe sport SUV which normally would be large enough to stow our stuff, but we have 2 dogs; one very large Golden Retriever and a 40 lb. PBGV. So, on a 10 hour + drive, they come first and we needed make as much room as possible for them inside the car.

The bag worked great. We put both of our suitcases, All of the dogs paraphernalia, along with other stuff to make sure nothing was inside for the 10 hour drive. There was much more room if we would have needed it. I also purchased the protective roof mat to make sure the roof wouldn't get scratched or marked. It was a good accessory. I highly recommend it.

There was absolutely no noise while driving on I-95 at 70 mph. I made sure I tightened the straps so there were no loose straps to flop around.

While we did not have any bad weather to contend with going and coming back, I have no doubt it would have kept all of our stuff high and dry. It is very strong and the zippers are well protected.

I think the best thing about this type of roof storage system, is that when you arrive at your destination and/or get home, it rolls up and stores in the duffel storage bag. It's out of the way and takes up no room unlike the the rigid type.

The price is also a good selling point.

All in all, I have no complaints, only compliments.

Tony Detzi
Lancaster, PA

I do not normally provide feedback for a product, but in this case I must. I bought my RoofBag in late 2012 and have used it each year on a winter vacation from Ottawa to Hilton Head Island, SC. This particular year our 6 year old roofbag was tested to the extreme. We drove through the February 24 storm system from Ottawa to Fredericksburg Va., which included snow, sleet and torrential rain. When we arrived in SC the next day I unloaded my roofbag, which included three full duffel bags, and found all to be absolutely dry and without any hint of dampness. Very impressive and would recommend that anyone considering a carrier ... look at roofbag.

Tom Deacon
Ottawa, ON

We purchased 2 Roof Bags for a 2400 mile move from Southeast Michigan to Portland Oregon. Didn't know these existed until searching the internet. We chose the waterproof versions for our 4 door sedan though there was nothing stating you should or could mount one to the back trunk/window of the car.

Turns out, they both performed wonderfully thru -28 degrees in North Dakota and Montana, and even the rain in Washington and Oregon. The trunk did leak rain a bit in Portland.

36 hours total driving time in one 11 hour leg and another 25 hour leg.

Follow their rules for usage and you too should enjoy a very convenient method for additional cargo options.

Neil W.
Luna Pier, MI

I bought my roof bag 5/13/2010. I was in Virginia at the time. I have used my RoofBag or just the straps for strapping things to the top of the car (without a rack) on average of at least twice a month for nearly 5 1/2 years now! I cannot count my trips between Las Vegas, Virginia, Georgia, Vermont, Minnesota, and everywhere in between as well as wherever I am locally at the time. Just the straps alone are worth their weight in gold, but the roof bag has never gotten water in it. That's right, it really is waterproof. Crossing the country as much as I do I have tested this in countless rain storms and snowstorms. I put electronics in my RoofBag all the time knowing they will be protected in my RoofBag. It is so nice to have an extra trunk, in the trunk, for those times when I travel or pick up more things than planned. This is the single best product I have ever purchased. And to my shock, it's on sale for cheaper right now than when I bought mine! If you are thinking about purchasing, do it now! As much as I have used mine and driving for days several times a year in storms of all kinds, my RoofBag still looks like new. I kept thinking about what an amazing product the RoofBag is and thinking, "I have to take the time to write a review". Thank you RoofBag! You have made our lives so much more fun and convenient. May you have greater success in the future than you ever dreamed possible.

Kathleen Fuller
Henrico, VA

I was nervous about driving from NW Oregon to the Black Rock Desert, so 550+ miles in hot weather conditions and my Civic with critical items strapped to the top of my car. The Roofbag did an amazing job. It was secure, it didn't shift or cause me any doubt. I even managed to fit enough in the Roofbag that I could see out the back window of my car.

I was initially concerned about not having a roof rack on my car but the bag did great and it held up like a champ to the Black Rock Desert. I'm even looking forward to having an excuse to use it again.

Oh and one thing I learned space bags work great using the air intake of ones air mattress inflator. So bagged bricks of clothing, bedding, and soft goods fit well with room to spare for even more stuff.

Thanks again.

Stephanie Gail
Black Rock City, NV

We purchased the rooftop bag based on feedback from my brother and his wife. I read the reviews and reviews of competitors and thought this bag seemed like the best one.

We drove from Northern NJ down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for 9 hours in a rain storm. When we arrived all of our clothes that were in the roof bag were completely dry!! We were so happy and knew this was a great purchase. The RoofBag seems sturdy, was easy to put together and fill. I’m so happy with the RoofBag and will recommend it to all my friends!!!

Thank You.

Jen Lawson
Bradford, MA


I purchased our Cross Country RoofBag for our annual summer vacation last year, along with pretty much all of the accessories. I was greatly impressed by the testimonials on the website, the RoofBag's ability to be stored in a small space when not in use, and the pricing. During our 1,700 mile trip, it endured one minor rainstorm, and we traveled mostly on major highways.

We'll be packing up our gear again in our RoofBag this summer, and I just purchased the tire step -- the one accessory we didn't get last year! -- to make it easier to access the bag for packing and unpacking.

Jen Lawson
Bradford, MA

Very successful trip! I bought the gray 15 Cu. Ft. bag to use without additional bars (and no pad) for the top of my 2005 Pontiac Vibe (had to remove the antennae attachment). Worked wonderfully for a rain-filled camping trip (travelled 600 miles round trip in rain and high winds). We had some noise early in the road trip, but made a strap adjustment to remedy that. The bag worked successfully not only for transportation, but also in providing additional dry storage once at our camp site.

Now to see how long the bag lasts...hopefully many, many road trips.


Hollie Kilroy
Minneapolis, MN

Dear RoofBag,

My husband and I invited our daughter, her husband and 3 kids for a 3-week trip around England, Scotland and Ireland. We were looking forward to spending the time together but anticipated driving over 2000 miles with 7 people in a rented car plus all our luggage to be uncomfortable at best and downright miserable at worst. We found out about RoofBag less than a week before our trip, ordered it and it was shipped 2 days later--on time when promised. We put the box in a carry on without even opening it and left for our trip.

When we rented our Peugeot 5008 with 7 seats, my husband and son-in-law opened the box and had the RoofBag installed on the roof and full of suitcases in less than 20 minutes and we were on our way. We ordered the protective roof mat, 15 Cu. Ft. bag for no roof rack, 2 extra straps which we didn't need and the lock. There was lots of rain and it was very windy for most of our trip and the bag stayed dry and secure. The guys took down and put up the RoofBag a total of 13 times and each time it took less than 5 minutes to set it up and another 10 minutes to fill it.

ONE TIP: We had some wind noise on our first leg but after my husband twisted the strap that was vibrating, we had virtually no noise.

As far as we are concerned, the RoofBag made all the difference in our traveling pleasure. We are very grateful. Thank you for a great product at a reasonable price.

Barbara Fleet
Lafayette, CA

I purchased the large RoofBag and non-slip protective roof mat for my Honda Pilot that does not have a roof rack. We had the bag loaded with golf clubs, 4 suitcases, beach supplies, condo supplies and towels and we still had some extra room.

We drove from Pittsburgh to North Carolina (our overnight stop before going on to Myrtle Beach). It poured for hours during the trip and we only had a little water coming in the passenger seat back window from the strap. Nothing in the roof bag was wet at all! Easy to fill up again in the morning for the rest of our trip. After we returned it was very easy to fold up and store right back in the box. I would definitely recommend the RoofBag!!

Kim Beswick
Pittsburgh, PA

I downsized vehicles so the bag has saved us! Waterproof, windproof and holds a ton of gear. We just got back from camping. The RoofBag was packed so tight, there wasn't room for a fart. We drove in fierce rain. Everything in the bag was dry. The protective roof mat is great too. We did not have to adjust the straps while traveling, they stayed tight and secure. Great Product!

Dawn King
Waynesburg, OH

RoofBag delivered a product as described. We used it to store six large gym bags on a trip from Florida - New York, with the car and carrier parked 3 days at a motel near Washington, DC. It rained several times during the trip but the bag kept the contents perfectly dry. We are very pleased with the RoofBag. We also enjoy that the bag takes up minimal space in our garage.

Guy Carlsen
Mount Kisco, NY

Dear RoofBag,

I never take the time to write a review, but just had to this time to let you know how impressed I am with my RoofBag product. My family drove to Florida for spring break through hours and hours of torrential, severe thunderstorms. I just knew there was no way the things we had put in the Roofbag would stay dry. I had never seen it rain this hard for this long. But we got to our destination and everything was dry as a bone! Thank you for living up to your claim with your terrific product!

Laura H.
Louisville, KY

Dear RoofBag,

I am very skeptical about buying ANYTHING via the internet, but the RoofBag is truly the exception. I bought the 11 cubic foot Cross Country for my 2011 Nissan Altima. It exceeded my expectations in every regard. It is well made with the strongest of materials and superior construction techniques.

I used the through-car method to secure the RoofBag and although it installed easily and was easy to fill and zip shut I have one suggestion. The short straps should be fed through the strap guides and should have female connectors at both ends and the longer straps should have the male connectors at both ends. That would allow for tightening of the straps from both sides of the vehicle simply by pulling down on the free ends of the longer strap. Thanks for a great product. Buy American!

Steve Roberts
Lexington, SC

Dear RoofBag,

My wife runs a small business that takes us to craft fairs and festivals throughout Georgia. My wife’s products are quite large and we own a Nissan Juke (not the most spacious of cars!), so getting everything we need into one car has been a challenge. I considered buying roof bars, basket and cargo net for the Juke but had been put off by the price, and then I stumbled across your website.

We decided to purchase a RoofBag and give it a try – the price was so reasonable compared to roof bars and the reviews seemed so good. I am pleased to say that the bag has more than lived up to our hopes, and we have completed 2 craft fairs now in one vehicle, including one drive home in torrential rain! The bag held up magnificently – no moisture inside at all.

Also, we have barely experienced any excess noise and no drag to speak of, running about 65mph – after about 30 minutes we forgot the bag was even there! So far this has been a perfect solution to our space issue – thanks for a great product!

Fayetteville, GA

I recently purchased the RoofBag Explorer Car Top Carrier. I can not rant enough about how happy I was with my purchase! I do not ever write reviews on purchases, but I have to tell you what a great purchase this was for me. I took 3 adult sized kids on a one week, 2000 mile camping/road trip. We did hit some rain, everything stayed dry! I had zero noise from the bag and the straps stayed tight. I did not see where it affected my gas mileage either.

I bought the 11 cubic foot one and was worried about it being enough room. It was plenty. It held 4 sleeping bags, 3 bed mats, one air mattress, 4 camping chairs, 2 tents, 4 life jackets, 2 pillows, 4 beach towels, 3 heavy coats, 3 jackets, and 3 camelbacks. I was amazed! I did purchase the 3 duffle bags, which I would HIGHLY recommend. WELL worth the money! We did one night in Vegas and it was so easy to just take the 3 bags out, put them in the car, fold up the carrier, put in the car and bam. Everything was safe and secure. Again I love my RoofBag and even if I never get the chance to use it was well worth the money!

PS: Being from never buy anything in black. I did get the gray and I do think the black would have been too hot to touch in Vegas!


Sandy Walker
Glendale, AZ

Dear RoofBag,

We bought your smaller RoofBag to move my son to Boston from Tucson. We used large vacuum type bags for his clothing and they fit perfectly in the RoofBag. We had all kinds of different weather conditions on our trip and the RoofBag kept everything safe and dry. Very good product for a reasonable price! High quality materials and easy to install.

Josephine Thoman
Tucson, AZ


5 years ago I purchased a RoofBag for my drive in the AlCan highway from South Dakota to Alaska. It held up great!! It rained 3 out of the 4.5 day drive and none of our stuff got wet. Well, now it's time to move back to South Dakota and we are using the same bag! It's so durable and has a nice storage size (11 cubic feet). I can't say enough good things about this bag!

Omaha, NE

Purchased the RoofBag to go on my 2014 Explorer for a trip from Texas to Florida. Held all of our luggage (1 large suitcase, 2 medium suitcases, 1 aero bed bag, and a duffle bag) with room to spare (15 Cu Ft Model). This thing is surprisingly waterproof. We drove through rain in Pensacola so hard people were pulling over; I considered it because my wipers couldn’t keep up even on high. After that I figured no way our stuff was dry. But when we arrived in Panama City not a drop of water had gotten into the bag. I would recommend this product if you want to keep your things dry.


E Jones
Arlington, TX

Buy the RoofBag. You will not be disappointed. I could tell a long winded story about rain and ease of use but I will spare the details. I've owned mine for 4 years and couldn't imagine hitting the road without it.Easy toinstall, load theluggage, and uninstall for storage. just fold it up. The RoofBag will keep your passengers from asking you if you're almost there yet as with luggage out of the way, they are comfortable to spread out!

Denis Kenny
East Windsor, NJ

I used my RoofBag for the first time this weekend. I camp a lot and I have a medium sized car. The RoofBag was my solution to get all of the stuff packed and still have room for the kids! I would recommend it to everyone! I live in Grays Harbor county in Washington state and we are 20 minutes from the ocean and campgrounds. Thank you RoofBag!

Pam Perdue
Hoquiam, WA

Hi RoofBag,

I first want to say thank you for making such a high quality, functional, and cost-effective travel storage product. Made in America is a cool bonus as well! My family and I have been using our Cross Country Car Top Carrier since May 2012 (with our Subaru Outback)and it has experienced big rains, heavy winds (while driving over 75 mph, legally :) ), snow, sun, and dirt. The carrier has remained snug to our vehicle throughout our travels and everything stays in the same state as when we started the journey. Plus the carrier is still in great shape!

My name is David Hanenburg and I own a trail and ultra running site called Endurance Buzz. We love running on trails, community, and the outdoor lifestyle.

One thing as trail runners, we love to travel to different areas of our state and country to explore new trails, races, and simply spend time in nature with family and friends. Having a 3 year old, 7 year old, and my wife all packed in the Outback, the Cross Country RoofBag has made travel so much more enjoyable for the entire family (although, we still somehow fill the car up as well :)).

I am putting together a Resource page on my site (Endurance Buzz) to assist our community in finding great and useful resources, tools, and awesome products to support their journey in this sport.

Since I have personally had such a great experience with the RoofBag, I believe it could be of value to others in our community as well.

David Hanenburg
Allen, TX

I purchased a 15 cu ft black RoofBag in December to use for our trip back home to Missouri from Orlando, FL in January. I also purchased the protective mat, storage bag, padlock and 2 extra straps. I received the products in a small box about 5 days after ordering.

The RoofBag was very easy to use and pack on the roof of my Suburban, since three sides unzipped the bag opened up wide to making packing very easy. I used the extra two straps for some additional security making sure it would come loose. The straps were very easy to use and tighten down around the roof rack.

On the two day drive home it rained from the top of Florida to Missouri. The luggage was dry when I got home and unloaded it and the RoofBag had not moved at all, but I was more surprised how much I actually packed in the RoofBag. On the way home we were passed by many people with different kind of roof bags and I can tell everyone not to buy one with only velcro holding it closed, because it doesn't stay closed and your luggage will be soaked. The RoofBag is a great product for the money. I used the reviews to purchase this product so I thought I would pass my positive experience on.

Hannibal, MO

Dear RoofBag,

We purchased our RoofBag a few years ago to haul our tent camping gear that would not fit in the car. The bag fits perfectly inside the rack and with the extra set of straps it is very secure. The protective mat keeps the bag from sliding on the car roof, protecting the paint. We even purchased the padlock to secure the zipper and of course it stores nicely in its storage bag.

I decided to write because we ended up using it to transport Christmas gifts this year, it saved the day. We are Very Happy with our purchase and the bag has done everything you said it would. We have shared our experience with your product with anyone that has asked about or needed a way to haul items they had no room for in their car.

Thank You.

The Perkins
Bakersfield, CA

Dear RoofBag,

We purchased the Cross Country Car Top Carrier (11 cu ft) for our Volvo XC90. We also purchased the non-slip pad.

We are extremely pleased with the quality (Made in the USA!) and installation was super easy. We were able to put 4 duffle bags, a backpack, beach toys, picnic blanket, 2 portable high chairs, a boogie board, and skimboard in our carrier. With 5 kids, every extra inch is needed for our long road trips.

We were a little worried about wind noise and gas mileage but neither were an issue at all. In fact, the gas mileage stayed exactly the same!

RoofBag comes highly recommended by us.

Thank you!

Rooftop Bag

Dave and Michelle Moyer
Columbus, OH

This year we took a vacation to yellowstone from the STL area, about 1400 miles each way. Our car was too small for all our gear, so I knew we would need a rooftop bag. After reading many reviews of bags that were cheaper and seemed to fail at keeping contents dry and many other bags that were 3-4x as much, I decided on the roofbag. I am was not disappointed. Shipping was reasonable and arrived in about 3 days.

The bag seemed to be very well constructed and had very sturdy zippers. I got the bare roof style with the door hooks and the roof protector. Takes about 5 minutes to setup and once filled is very easy to secure. We never had an issue with it coming loose or making at excessive noise. (it was noisier than without it up there, but that is to be expected.) It never leaked even through some of the hardest torrential rains I have ever driven through. ( The freeway litterally came to a halt, you couldnt see the road)

I also got the 3 Duffle bags with the order. Again very study and well made. The three of them held all the clothes my family of 4 needed for 2 weeks plus 2 sleeping bags. My only gripe about them is that they really need to have handles on the centerline of the bag. (in addition to the handles on the ends) even simple nylon strapping as handles would work. There is just no way to carry these things by yourself once you have them out of the carrier. You can only throw them over your shoulder, which is not very convenient. over all, I would give them 4.5 stars out of 5.

Ben Morgan
Villa Ridge, MO

My family and I recently purchased the large roofbag and it did an amazing job not only saving space, but also keeping our belongings dry in the rain on our way to Myrtle Beach for our family vacation. Easy setup especially if you purchase the cargo bags with your purchase. Great product guys and I give it 5 stars.


Chris Owens
Boiling Springs, SC

I purchased the Roofbag Explorer earlier this month for a weeklong trip from Iowa to Florida that we just returned from. I was skeptical about the bag being sturdy enough and worried about it staying put on the roof. When it arrived I saw how heavy it was and it seemed well-constructed so I felt a little better. We have 5 people in our family and drove a Ford Freestyle so most of our vehicle space was taken up with bodies. We had very little room left in the back for luggage/supplies so we needed a way to haul our overflow luggage on the roof and couldn't afford to buy a hard case.

We found the bag to be relatively easy to install and to pack and despite my concerns we had absolutely no problems with it during the trip whatsoever. The bag stayed put, we had no issues with it moving around and there was no noise from the straps that others have mentioned in their reviews. I just bought a small 2 x 4 non skid rug pad at Menards for less than $6 to put underneath the bag and it worked like a charm. We packed two full duffle bags, a small carry-on size suitcase, 7-8 beach towels, a folded up queen size air mattress, a very large stuffed animal belonging to my 9 year old and other miscellaneous odds and ends.

The thing that really sold me on this bag and made me feel good about my purchase was the fact that we drove through a horrendous rain/wind storm in Missouri on our way home yesterday. It was so bad that we had to pull over to the side of the road twice. The wind was whipping us around on the highway and the rain was torrential. To my surprise, when we got home and opened up the bag everything was dry. The straps held tight even through the very strong winds. There was a little moisture on the bottom of the bag, but I think that was just from the humidity that we encountered on our trip home. If anyone has problems with rain getting into the bag, they have installed it wrong or something. We had the perfect test for it in terms of it being waterproof and it passed with flying colors.

I am 100% sold on this bag and am so glad that I found your website. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone needing an inexpensive way to haul Thank you!!

Trevor & Jenni Nicholson
Wellman, IA

Note from Make sure the protective mat substitute is the same size as the bottom of the carrier, to provide full non-slip and no-scratch protection. Our RoofBag Protective Mat is thick for effective cushioning, tear resistant, flame retardant and treated to inhibit mold and mildew.

We bought our roof bag to go on our 2013 toyota highlander with a roof rack. We have two dogs that we like to take with us so they take the back end of the suv up. We took a soft blanket we had and cut it down to fit the dimensions of the roof bag for a pad and it worked great.

I had seen in a few reviews that people had problems with the zippers especially in cooler weather. I found that if one folds the corners of the upper side of the zipper up the zipper goes smoothly. If you try to zip it open with the heavy cover over the zipper it hangs up.

We put it on top, opened it all the way up and put our stuff on the bottom half then folded it over and zipped it up. Not a drop of water inside when we arrived and it had never moved. We had some noise at first but it was the front of the blanket/pad flopping in the wind so I just tucked it under the bag, problem solved.

When we arrived at our destination we took the bag off and stuck it in a corner with pad and straps inside. Took up little room and was ready to load in a flash when we got ready to leave a week later. I am going to do a little modification on the strapping system but the ones that come with it work ok.

We love it.

Casey and Cindy Neiman
Culdesac, ID

We like car camping with our 2005 Mazda 5. However, there is usually not enough room to fit all of the camping gear, food and cooking utensils along with 4 people. This roof bag has been great in solving our capacity issue.

The roof bag is of high quality heavy rubber with heat sealed seams. We did not have rain so I did not test its water-proofness but I expect it'll do fine in the rain. I bought the 3 inner duffle bags and they fit well inside the roof bag. The only gripe is that when full, the roof bag zipper is somewhat difficult to zip. As such, we usually leave a few inches unzipped to make it easier to zip up after everything is loaded. It also helps to lift up the bag a few inches while zipping to get the zippers closer together. The straps worked flawlessly with our Mazda 5. With our back sliding door, it's important to strap the bag BEHIND the hinge so we can still open the door with the roof bag attached to the car. There was some wind noise even with a fully packed roof bag but it was relatively minor. (The roof bag is slightly tapered so be sure to put the end with "" at the back of the vehicle.)

Duffles. We also bought the 3 inner duffle bags to pack our camping gear (tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, etc.) before loading them into the roof bag. I can pack over a few days and then close the duffles and put them in the roof bag on the day of the trip. This saves the many trips we would have to make loading and unloading individual pieces of camping gear. Instead, we just split up the gear into 3 bags and load them into the roof bag. The duffles maximize the roof bag space as they are an exact fit inside the roof bag. Just don't overfill them or you will have trouble closing the roof bag. (Note, there is a slightly smaller end that should go in the front of the bag, measure the height of each end of the duffle to find the end with the shorter height. Put a piece of duct tape to the front handle so you will always know which end to face forward.) Non-slip Pad. It's definitely a good idea to get the non-slip pad to both protect your car roof and to prevent any roof bag slippage. The texture of the pad and the weight of the roof bag prevented any slippage during our drive.

Storage Bag. We opted out of buying the storage bag since we just put the roof bag, the non-slip pad and the duffles into the original box. You can also put everything in one of those Rubbermaid plastic bins so there is no real need to get the storage bag. Tire Step. Our Mazda5 is a bit taller than a car but we were able to step on the door frame (where you step to enter into the car) to load the bag without needing the tire step.

Zipper. The zipper was not as easy to zip up as we had expected. It would be great to have more curves rather than straight corners to zip up the bag more easily. Indicate front/back. As the roof bag is slightly tapered, it would be great to have a label to indicate which way is front or back. In a rush to leave, my husband put on the roof bag backwards on our return trip. (It was hard to see the slight taper with the bag empty although now we know the side is the end.) By the time we realize his mistake, everything was already inside and strapped down so we jsut left it. The wind noise was definitely louder but we made it home without any problems. Since it is even harder to identify the front and back of the duffle bags, I suggest putting a different color handle on the front handle so people know which end is the front. My duct tape trick worked but a different color handle for the front would be a nicer solution from the manufacturer.


This is an inexpensive solution to increase your car's carrying capacity without structurally changing your car or the way you travel. Once you no longer need the extra space, you can just detach the roof bag and your car is back to normal. The roof bag and its accessories work as promised and I highly recommend it.

Helen S. Lam
Metuchen, NJ

Bought the Cross Country Car Top Carrier to put on the roof of my wife’s Honda Pilot. Picked up my daughter, son-in-law and their three kids in Seattle, WA and traveled 5 hours.

It worked perfectly; just as represented. It was quick to load and unload, didn’t move, no noise, and no water inside. It’s a great product.

I don’t know why I don’t see more of them on the road.

it was the highlight of the trip, other than the grandkids of course…

Jeff Lyman
Spokane, WA

We purchased our roof bag to bring home our daughter from North Dakota to New Jersey. It attached very easily to her Ford Explorer. So glad we bought the extra straps and the duffle bags. The duffle bags were huge!!

We bought the largest 15 cubic feet cargo bag. My daughter stuffed all of her clothes, coats, shoes and more in those bags. Then we just placed them in the roof cargo bag! So easy!! The cargo bag was secure and never moved during the whole trip!!

This was the best purchase I ever made!!!

I can't wait to go on vacation and use it again!!

Meg Carter
Minot, ND

I just wanted to send you a quick email about my first trip with the Roofbag. I recently purchased the cross country roof bag, extra straps and the rooftop pad.

First off, the package was supposed to arrive in 3 days and it actually got to my house in less than 2 days, which really made me happy.

We loaded the Roofbag on the minivan in single digit temperatures in northern Wisconsin on a Friday night and set out for Alabama. On our way we went thru rain, freezing temperatures, road salt and high winds. We arrived the following day in sunny Alabama. The bag held tight right from the beginning without the need for any further tightening or adjustment during the entire drive.

All of our belongings were dry and just as they were when we loaded them. One week later we reloaded the Roofbag in Alabama and made the return trip home. The entire trip was nearly 3000 miles and the Roofbag more than exceeded our expectations. It doubled our carrying capacity of the minivan due to the van having 4 adults and 3 young children inside.

We were all very impressed and will recommend Roofbag to anyone who is looking for additional vehicle storage. We noticed several other brands of roof top carriers on the trip which did not appear to be anywhere near the quality or performance level of our Roofbag.

In addition I love the fact that it is made in the USA, something that I am willing to pay more for, but due to the current prices is not a concern since it is in line or even less of a cost than that of many competitors products. Way to go, you made a believer out of me and I will help spread the word. You guys are the best.

Wade Wentland
Hazelhurst, WI

Been meaning to post a comment about how much I love our RoofBag! So far, it's made 2 trips to Florida and 1 to Myrtle Beach from Toronto. On our trip last April to Myrtle Beach we had an accident on the interstate at Fancy Gap, Virginia ... our car was totaled, but the bag stayed on top of the car, as you can see in the picture. This pic is from the back ... the front was totaled too ... we spun and hit the guard rail multiple times.

It was weird when we stepped out of the car, and the only thing in its right place was the bag!! Interestingly, when we removed the bag, the roof of the car was totally dented in, I guess from the weight as we spun around ... but everything inside the bag was intact! We did use the protective mat, which I think is why the bag did not slide off the car. Also, the rental we got was an SUV, so we didn't need to put the bag on top. The RoofBag just went into the trunk and we were on our way!

We also have the duffle bags which are great and allows us to get the small or soft stuff easily into the bag. But what I really love is that when we get to our destination, off comes the bag and into its storage bag until the return trip. We don't have to drive around with some empty hard case carrier on top of the car. And if we don't need it on the return trip, into the trunk it goes!

Thank you RoofBag for giving us extra 'trunk' space without having to have roof racks!!

Rooftop Bag

Denise Chambers
Ajax, ON

We purchased the Explorer Car Top Carrier to go on top of our Mazda CX-7 that does not have rails.

It was super easy to use and offered lots of space (full luggage for 2 adults, 2 children and 3 dogs!). Highly recommend the non-skid pad that we ordered per other recommendations. We just returned from an 800 mile round trip from CT to Maine that included snowy, sleet and rainy conditions.

The most pleasant surprise was the bags pliability and ease of zippering in sub-zero temperatures. We also used two extra straps per others recommendations.

Everything was safe and dry and the bag did not move.
Highly recommend!

Michelle Margo
Bridgeport, CT

I am so happy I chose Roofbag for my trip across country from Whitefish, MT - Pineview, GA in the middle of winter. I was so thankful to have the extra packing space since I was moving my life in my Toyota Matrix.

The greatest thing that stuck out to me when I chose RoofBag was that there was a testimonial from someone in my hometown. That was my confirmation to get this product, and I am beyond happy that I did.

I have highly recommended the RoofBag to anyone who is moving/travelling and needs the extra space in their car. I am a big traveller and have used the Roofbag multiple times and its still as good as new.

PS - What a great price! Thanks!!!!

Toyota FJ Cruiser Rooftop Bag

Kelly Saxton
Sarasota, FL

Thank you Roofbag for bringing amazing quality, function and an awesome price to an American product!

Just completed a 4,400 km road trip from our Tofino, British Columbia home to the family lake house in Ontario. The Roofbag preforming perfectly!

We stuffed it with 10 large Ziplock storage vacuum bags, a large duffel and shoes to fill the bits of remaining space. I kept the tie down straps as spares and instead used my surf straps with metal clips. We experiences sun, heavy wind and rain. The bag is completely weather proof!

Bought the largest bag and it fit exactly into my Toyota FJ's roof rack basket system with no noise and remained in place. I had my truck serviced before leaving and did not find a fuel difference. The Roofbag is easy to install, fill and put away in a compact folded rectangle waiting for our return trip.

Stoked on the Roofbag and Roofbag's staff for their efficiency and incredible service. Thank you!

Toyota FJ Cruiser Rooftop Bag

Barbie Mayor
Tofino, BC Canada

We made a last minute decision to purchase the Cross Country Car Top Carrier before leaving on vacation. It was the best decision we could have made.

We put two very large suitcases and two carry on size suitcases in the carrier. We rented a beach house so we bagged towels and sheets and tucked them in between the suitcases.

I wish I were kidding when I say it rained the entire trip, but I'm not. Rain every single day. We made several other stops to and from our primary destination so the luggage was in the carrier the better part of 7 days. We drove a total of 1,581 miles.

Everything in the carrier remained 100% dry, the bag stayed secure with no rips or damage and we got better gas mileage than we have ever gotten with that car so needless to say, we were shocked. 2010 Ford Edge with roof racks and we averaged 35 miles per gallon.

Wow! I am currently your biggest fan. Using the bag left me plenty of room inside for all the other necessities. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a soft sided carrier.

One more detail....I called to place the order so I could ask questions...courteous, friendly and very helpful!

Thanks for helping us have a successful trip!

Elizabeth Beck
Wattsburg, PA


I usually do not post reviews on products I purchase, however, I felt I needed to in this instance.

I purchased the roof carrier, protective mat, three duffle bags, and extra straps to fit a Toyota Highlander SUV. I live in West Chester, PA, and needed to attend a wedding near Detroit, MI, and then continue on to Evanston, IL to move my daughter into an apartment for college.

I was traveling with my husband, daughter and mother-in-law, so my usable space was at a minimum. I looked into renting a truck for my husband to drive one way, with me driving a car needed for the return trip. WOW, was that expensive. Then, I thought about driving two cars both ways. I was not crazy about that idea. Then I decided to start researching roof carriers and came across your website. Your website is the most user friendly I have ever come across, and really made the ordering process easy. I was amazed at the prices and what appeared to be good, quality products. I ordered everything quickly so I would receive it well in advance of our trip so I could make sure it was what I thought it was.

Everything arrived promptly and in great condition. When I realized how much my daughter needed to get for her new place, I decided to use space bags filled with all of her clothing, bedding, towels and linens inside of two of the duffles. My husband and I split the use of one duffle filled with our clothing in space bags as well.We were able to still fit 2 garment bags of clothing on top of the duffles, and a few small duffle bags at the rear of the carrier. I still cannot believe how much I was able to pack into those bags!!

I am pleased to say that we made the trip out to Michigan without a hitch. We needed to unload everything on top of the car because we were staying in a hotel for two nights for the wedding. We unloaded upon arrival to MI, and reloaded the top two days later to continue on to our final destination near Chicago. Everything made it without incident and almost two weeks later my husband is still raving about how we were able to transport so much flawlessly.

I HIGHLY recommend your products to anyone that needs a space saving solution for travel.

Thank you for making my trip enjoyable and cost effective.

Dolores Leiser
West Chester, PA

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Roof Bag Rooftop Carrier Review

Joseph Fuller
Londonderry, VT

Thank you for the great product! I have never written a product review before, but the roof bag deserves it.

I did a lot of research before purchasing our roofbag. I was a little nervous because I see everyone driving around with hard-shell carriers. Wow, what they don't know!

We drive a Prius, and the roof bag fit great with our cross-bar rack. I adjusted the cross-bars a little farther apart, and tucked the front of the bag underneath the front cross-bar. It worked great.

It was simple to put on, load, and was completely water-proof. We were amazed at the capacity of the smaller bag. We didn't even half fill it.

Best of all, when we got on the highway to head to Sonora for a long weekend, we forgot that we even had the roofbag on the car. It made no noise, and didn't effect the vehicle handling.

When we got back, we rolled it up in its duffel bag, and tucked it away on a shelf. It takes up very little space stored, unlike those hard-shell cargo boxes. The roofbag is our new best friend.


Dear friends at,

We are on our way home from our second trip using our Roofbag and I was compelled to write you a note to let you know how great we think your product is.

We bought the 11 cubic ft. Cross Country bag for a trip to the Jersey Shore from Ohio in July. As we were traveling with our dog and the SUV we have doesn't have roof racks, we thought it would be the perfect solution that would allow our dog more room in the back while stowing our luggage and other stuff on the roof... without a roof rack. I bought the three bags for the inside, the roof pad, and the hook straps to avoid stringing the straps through the car. I "practiced" putting everything on the roof before we actually packed and found it was easier than I thought.

I highly recommend the inside storage bags. They easily accommodated "carry on" size bags and we were able to stuff them appropriately so when the bag was positioned on the car, we simply put the three bags in place and closed the top. This also made it easy when we pulled into our overnight stop. It seriously took me less than 10 minutes to unstrap and unload the bag from the roof and into the car. I may have been able to leave the bag on the roof, but there's no way to really lock things to the roof of a car without a rigid, lockable, box. The next morning, the bag was back up again in less than 10 minutes. The whole Roofbag experience was great on both directions of our trip - and our dog, Emma, was grateful for the extra room and not having to get squished between kids in carseats!

Fast forward a few weeks to the trip we are returning from now. We decided "last minute" to head down to Mammoth Cave National Park for the holiday weekend. My husband thought it would be a good idea to ride his bike from Columbus to Cincinnati and we would pick him up on our way through. As my car doesn't have a bike rack and our other vehicle that does wasn't ready for the trip, I suggested we put the bike in the Roofbag when we picked him up. Though I would totally advocate for a bike rack over a Roofbag if possible, I was totally impressed with the bag once more. My husband's road bike frame easily fit in the bag (wheels off) with the wheels over the frame. I wrapped towels over the "pokey" parts and put his gear in the front to help shape the bag, zipped it up, and we were on our way to Kentucky. We drove through torrential downpours that allowed us about 1/4 mile visibility and arrived to find the inside of the bag BONE DRY!

For this trip, Emma was once again relieved to have most the cargo area to herself... We only needed weekend bags on this trip and didn't put them on the roof.

As I said, I did get the straps with hooks, which work perfectly. I do need to hook them under the rubber door seal, which is easy to lift up and reposition back on top of the hooks. During the rain storm I mentioned, there was a little drip inside on one of the windows, but a quick open and close of the door put the rubber back where it needed to be and all was well again. If you already have a roof rack to strap it to... bonus! I would challenge any other manufacturer to outperform Roofbag. I wasn't about to spend the money (over $500) on a lockable case for our Yakima system and I'm glad I didn't. This bag can now be used on either of our cars!

The Roofbag was a great, totally reasonably-priced, option for us. We are so glad to have it and I would recommend it to ANYONE who needs extra space for traveling, with or with out roof racks.


Missy Tew
Columbus, OH

I bought the RoofBag to drive from Portland OR to Omaha NE, to take my daughter to college with her Toyota Carolla without a roof rack.

I was skeptical about the RoofBag staying on the roof of the car but it didn't even budge with the straps that came with the bag.

It is a long drive from Portland to Omaha and we hit all kinds of weather. At times very windy, hot and torrential rain. Our waterproof bag made it without a scratch. It did affect our gas mileage. We got about 3 miles per gallon less than normal, which seems reasonable because it affects the aerodynamics of the car and the additional weight of the car being fully loaded.

It can hold a lot of things and was well worth the price.

Chris Warren
Oswego, OR

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Roof Bag Rooftop Carrier Review

Dan Hawkins
Baltimore, Md

We have a 2006 Cadillac DTS, that does not have a roof rack. We planned a trip from northern PA to Myrtle Beach, SC. Though large, I knew that the trunk of the car would not be able to handle all of our luggage. I looked for solutions like renting a large SUV, or a pull behind trailer. None of them seemed feasible. The SUV rental would have cost us an additional $1000 for the week, and the tow behind besides costing $200 or more, there was no place to store it when we arrived at Myrtle Beach.

I looked online for other solutions, a rooftop carrier seemed to be the best choice except all of them were dependent on the car being equipped with a roof rack. Long and short it would have cost us more than $1000 to purchase a roof rack and car top carrier. I was about to give up when I saw the Roof Bag web site. I admit I was skeptical but for the price I thought I would give it a try.

I bought the Cross Country Model with the protective mat and optional door hooks. I also bought three duffle bags to put our belongings in. There is a lot of room in the bag, with three of us I'd say the bag was about 60% full for a week's vacation. The bag looked good on the car, and sat very well too. I expected a lot of wind noise and was surprised at how little noise there was. I stopped a few times to check the bag and found that it hadn’t moved at all.

The next big test was as we passed through Washington DC the sky opened up and we drove through a very heavy downpour for the next two hours. Everything that was inside the bag was completely dry, not even damp at all! When we got to SC I simply folded up the bag and put it in the trunk. On our way home I'd say the bag was close to 90% full and still very quiet on the highway. The protective mat kept prevents the bag from sliding but also will protect your cars roof. There are no scratches on our roof where the bag was.

In closing this is a terrific product for those who are traveling. It is spacious, secure and will keep your belongings dry. You can't beat the value/quality of the roof bag.

Gus Verbraak
Sayre, PA

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Roof Bag Rooftop Carrier Review

Robert Lent
Eden Prairie, MN

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Roof Bag Rooftop Carrier Review

Sue Faunt
McHenry, IL

Our family of 5 just traveled over 5,000 miles through heavy wind, rain, sleet and snow with nothing but perfect performance from the RoofBag.

We have a Honda Odyssey van without a roof rack, so we were worried our big road trip would be crowded and cramped. Thank goodness for your product! We also got the duffel bags, which we used instead of our suitcases. They worked extremely well -- plenty of room and very durable.

I'm attaching a photo of the RoofBag in action in Sequoia National Park in California. Thanks for helping these Southerners travel comfortably across our great nation to deep, gorgeous snow!

Honda Odyssey Car Top Carrier

Elise Keeney
Douglasville, GA

We have used the roofbag for over 4000 miles of travel through some of the heaviest rain I have ever seen without any problems or leaks!!!

Fairly easy to set up on the top of an SUV once you get the hang of it. I don’t understand why you don't see more of them on the highway.

Jeff Leder
Avon, OH

I purchased roofbag online last month. I went for a trip from Toronto to Orlando, FA. On our way we got snow, snow showers, thunderstorm and heavy rain. Roofbag is such a great and robust product that it remained intact through out the way.

Not even a single drop of water went inside the bag. It is very spacious, you can easily store 5 to 6 gym bags and stuff in soft things on the sides.

I highly recommend this product to the people who want to go for a long drive and looking for an extra space bag to tie it up on the roof of the car.

Its an excellent product!

Jasim Khan
Mississauga, ON

I wanted to send you guys an email about our recent trip from Tennessee to Michigan during this Holiday season.

We purchased the 100% weatherproof XL roofbag with the recommended non-slip mat and duffel bags. The roofbag was very easy to install and the duffel bags served as a great way to "guesstimate" how much to put in and helped in organizing. One for the kids, one for us, and one for the presents!

We had horrible wind heading north from storm Draco and then snow and more wind from storm Euclid on the way back south.

Our roofbag was awesome!!!! Everything stayed dry and safe...thank you for a great product and it feels good that it's made in the U.S.A.

The Harrison Family

Kimberly Harrison
Germantown, TN

We purchased our roofbag in December 2009, three years ago this month. Being military we have to move a lot and we live cross country from our family so we have used our roofbag trip after trip and it is in great condition.

We have gone from Idaho to Arizona, to Tennessee, to Alaska, back to Idaho then on to Washington.

We will be using it for years to come and recommend it to other military families. We have had it on cars with and without racks.

This is a fantastic product.

Mechelle Gilbert
Irmo, SC

I am more than satisfied with my Roofbag purchase. I needed extra storage for a 3300 mile road trip involving 5 human passengers and one dog.

My Roofbag's maiden voyage began in the midst of 75 m.p.h. winds on I-80 through Nebraska. On top of zero visibility dust storms and the battle to keep the car on the road, I was also understandably concerned my carrier would get blown off the car and into traffic. When we made a rest stop in North Platte, the carrier was intact and pretty much still in place.

By the end of our trip, my Roofbag had been subjected to wind, rain, sleet, snow and cold. It held up extremely well -- the bag and its contents none the worse for wear. I know I will be confident it is doing its job every time I use it from here on in.

I recommend this bag to anyone in need of extra cargo space. Forget those cheaper versions, you can trust Roofbag to keep your belongings safe.

Thank you!

Deborah Gaj
Coaldale, CO

I bought the 15' Explorer Carrier for my recent move from LA to NY, it was a 9 days 3000 miles trip. We went to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and some other places along the way.

The bag was really well made with good material, after the whole trip, it's still in perfect condition.

It was easy to install and it was secured perfectly on top of my Honda CR-V without any roof rack. Its true that when it rains, the water sips into the cabin through the strap, but you can cover the straps inside the cabin with plastic wrap and it wont be a problem.

Anyway, i just wanted to thank RoofBag for the awesome product.


Henderson Wijaya
Elmhurst, NY

Note from RoofBag's Pass-Through straps for cars without rack are thin and water-repellent to avoid water entry into the car. However, they must not be over-tightened, as this can deform the door seal and allow water entry. Loosen straps slightly when driving through rain, and loosen them completely when leaving car parked in the rain.

I purchased a roofbag for my brother, who was taking his daughter to college in Pennsylvania, from California.

They went through three storms without any items getting wet.

I purchased the 3 duffles that slide inside the bag... MOST IMPORTANT to have and they had a lot of room around the bags to add more items. It was amazing the amount of 'stuff' it held. They remove the duffles and roofbag each time they stopped for the night (in case of theft). They had no shifting of the bag (I also purchased the pad that goes on the car roof, under the roofbag.

This is a terrific item and it has proven itself with my family!

Nelda Sheldon
South Gate, CA

We love ROOFBAG.

Bought the biggest Cross Country, 3 duffle bags, and the mat. Paid for expedited shipping, and it was still a bargin.

1000 miles round trip, a weeks worth of gear for 6 adults, and 0 complaints. I shopped the outdoor stores and name brands. Roofbag offers more bang for the buck, AND it is USA made.

The duffle bags are worth every penny.


John Rodman
Mount Juliet, TN


My roofbag arrived AM on 17th. Drove 1200 miles in mostly pouring rain; contents safe & roofbag 100% intact.

Am thrilled with this purchase. Thank you for everything.

Eileen Barbieri
New Port Richie, FL

We were concerned about taking a trip with 3 adults, and 2 babies, in our car... We needed to bring so much stuff!!

After looking for a solution, Roofbag was the only option... We are very pleased with how much stuff it held, and with it's durability.

I do recommend the duffle bags; they made loading it a breeze.

Sandra Cress
Terrell, TX

The following is my personal experience with the “Roof Bag” ( Your experience may vary, however, this review based on my experience in July 2012. “And away we go!!!”

It was coming up on the Annual In-Law vacation and I knew with me, my wife and two dogs plus all the extraneous materials needed for a week’s beach house rental I needed some extra storage above and beyond what the Lexus RX 350 could handle.

So in searching for some additional cargo capabilities I looked on (for which I am writing this review) as well as Google for a solution. Of course I ran across the numerous boxes to strap to the roof but I didn't feel like discussing with my wife where we would store it during the 51 weeks it isn't being used. I already have an over abundance of solid objects taking up garage/under deck/closet and all other types of storage space. I would not win and for all the right reasons. Ultimately I decided it would be best to try out a cargo bag vs. the cargo box. From what I read they have comparable cargo room and can fold away into a storage bag and put in a closet.

Thule and Yakima caught my eye as storage bags due to brand recognition, however, after doing some checking and making some inquiries with current owners they went out the door due to initial quality issues, weather "resistance" (or lack thereof), and overall value.

I then ran across thanks to a friend’s recommendation. Waterproof, 11 cu. ft., made in USA (nice touch) and some great reviews. I did some research via online resources and it seemed like an OK gamble so I decided to take the plunge.

View Full RoofBag Review Here

Lexus RX 350 with RoofBag Car Top Carrier

Without getting into further detail let me just say this – the Roof Bag rocks. Really. It does. I would and do highly recommend folks giving this thing a shot. I’m more than happy with it.

Eric Derr
Alburtis, PA

Hi There..

You guys are great. You sent a replacement strap and then another (over-nighted as well) so I had what i needed when I needed it. I'll keep letting people know how much I enjoy your product and how great you are to work with.

Mathew Frandsen
Provo, UT

Thank you Just wanted to say how much we like our Roofbag!

We have used it on 2 trips from Upstate NY to Southeast NC- once driving home during hurricane Irene.

It keeps everything safe and dry, and gives us so much extra room in our vehicle, making for a much more pleasant drive. Very easy to install, we purchased the duffle bags making it even easier to load and unload.

We would (and have) recommend this product to everyone!

Amy Barakat
Saratoga Springs, NY

Thank you for your exceptional service and quality product. I ordered the roof bag and 3 inner duffel bags and received everything the very next day. Wow - fast service.

The bag was very simple to attach to our Honda Element roof rack and fill with extra camping gear. I was nervous at first, but we drove 1200 miles on our first trip out and I actually forgot it was there while driving. It didn't budge.

Super easy to install, super quality and super service. Thank you for exceeding our expectations.

Carrie Sanchez
Temecula, CA

I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the Cross Country 15 cubic ft waterproof Roof Bag we just purchased.

The bag was easy to install and load on top of our Toyota FJ Cruiser between the bars of the rack. We ran into hard rain on the way home and everything inside the bag (which was quite full – glad we got the larger size) stayed dry. The bag was not noisy and we didn’t even know it was on top of the vehicle.

I would recommend the bag, it was much easier to use than the hard roof carrier we had been using.

Joyce Riley
Westfield, PA


I just wanted to say I recently purchased a roof bag, after comparing your website/product to others. I went with your product based on the information provided on the website (much more informative than other product websites), and the fact that I loved that you provided the duffle bag accessories.

My first trip with the roof bag was to Maine last week. It took us 13 hours to get there, and 18 hours to get back due to horrendous traffic. The bag worked great! No slippage, plenty of room, fit on the top of my VW CC sport car just fine. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find something that would work with the sporty lines of my car, but the roof bag worked great. It even held up to its waterproof standards when it rained and stormed much of the ride home, too!

I even saw another roof bag on my trip! Thanks for a great product, and providing plenty of information on your website.

I look forward to many more trips in the future!

Karen Johnson
Virgina Beach, VA


I wanted to add my thoughts about your excellent product. I bought the 15 ft. Roofbag to bring all my daughter's worldly possessions home from college.

The duffel bags were a godsend, making it so much easier to port and load all her clothing down six flights from her dorm room and out to a remote parking lot. The Roofbag was easy to load, cavernous, and never budged an inch during a 400 mile trip, part of which was in the rain. Nothing, and I mean nothing, got wet.

Aside from some initial acclimatization, we barely noticed that the bag was up there when driving. There was some decrease in gas mileage (25 mpg from 29 mpg in my Subaru Forester) but that could also have been because the entire car was packed to the gunwales.

You've by the way, as the attached pictures illustrate, there is absolutely no problem using the 15 ft. roof back on top of a 2011 Subaru Forester. It fits fine and works fine.

Thank you for such a great product, reasonably priced.

Subaru Forester with RoofBag Car Top Carrier

Jordan Weinstein
Fairfax Station, VA

We purchased our Roof Bag on and have loved it ever since.

Last year we traveled over sixteen thousand miles and no problems. Our roof bag has been through it all, snow and ice 26* near Vail Colorado to 105* in Sturgis SD and days of down-pouring drenching rain in Maine and New Hampshire.

Our roof bag now has over 20k on it and is still as water proof as the day we got it.

Couldn't travel without it!

Dodge Caravan with RoofBag Car Top Carrier

Paul Larson
Bellingham, WA

I am writing to say thank you for such an excellent rooftop bag.

We purchased the 11cu. Explorer without rack carrier and were very pleased with it's performance. I was very skeptical that strapping a bag on the roof of my 2005 Hyundai Elantra would be safe on a 1,000 mile round trip, but after all was said and done I was impressed.

It was loaded with a large tent, 3 sleeping bags, a screen house, camp stove a few small camp chairs and 3 self inflating sleeping pads and a few other odds and ends.

The bag did not move an inch the whole trip! My average speed was around 75 mph.

After stopping for fuel the first time and checking that it was ok, I did not even think about it the rest of the trip. No wind noise at all either. I did notice a slight decrease in mpg's but that was to be expected. Did not encounter any rain, so I am unable to comment on that. But from what I could tell the bag would do just fine.

I would recommend this carrier to friends and family anytime.

Angelo Speidel
Seven Hills, Ohio

Dear RoofBag,

I was looking for a roofbag for a long time and finally decided on purchasing your product. I have an 09 corolla with no roof rack. I bought the 11 cu. Ft. Carrier with pass through straps and the protective mat.

I have to admit I was a little scared driving with something on my roof, but I have to say the bag didn't move a millimeter!!!! I worried for nothing.

This product is amazing. It swallowed a 10 man tent, 4 sleeping bags, 4 standard sized pillows, 2 twin mattresses, a queen size mattress, 3 fitted sheets, a beach bag with 5 towels and I probably could have fit more!!! To put it into perspective my trunk is 12.3 cu. Ft. So its literally a whole trunk on your roof. I was able to go camping with myself, my husband and my 2 young children in one compact car.

We didn't experience any noise and no loss of gas mileage, averaged 36.7 mpg the whole way there and back.

Thanks roofbag!! Your product is amazing!!!

Toyota Corolla with RoofBag Car Top Carrier

Heather Damon
Rockland, MA

We just returned from our trip, (Myrtle Beach to Pittsburgh), and the carrier far exceeded our expectations.

It rained almost 70% of the return trip and we fully expected our luggage and towels to be soaked. Not one drop of rain inside! Also, setup is quite easy. Love taking the bag off and folding it down to fit under the bed at the resort.

Best internet purchase I've ever made! Thank You!

Mark Chekan
South Park, PA

We bought the roof bag for our car without roof racks for our move to Florida.

It worked excellent never moved once we strapped it onto the car, we hit multiple rain storms a couple of them very heavy and the bag never leaked. Great Product.

Highly recommend this bag.

Marianne Caruso

Bought the larger roofbag and accessories to strap onto our Mercury Mountaineer. The bag came promptly in time for our improptu trip to Canada.

The bag is HUGE, durable and easy to attach and pack. The duffle bags are a great accessory!

I love the product so much that I have recommended it to friends and one has already purchased it for her upcoming summer vacation.
Nice product and customer service RoofBag!

Jacki Kaiser
Rochester Hills, MI

We were looking for a roof bag to accommodate luggage for 4 as we traveled from Eugene, OR to Seattle, WA and back.

I wanted something waterproof, not just water resistant. After reading the many reviews on the roof bag website I knew we had found exactly what we needed.

Our May, roundtrip ended with a torrential downpour that lasted about an hour. It was raining so hard that we actually pulled off the road at one point. We were so pleased with the way the product lived up to its claims and no water had seeped into the bag. This product is really well made, very easy to install and will give us years of service.

Thank you so much Roof Bag for providing such a great product.

Michael and Laurie
Eugene, OR

I purchased a Roofbag last summer so I could fit all of my daughter's belongings into my Honda CR-V for trips back and forth to college.

Freshman year is now over, and the Roofbag worked flawlessly for two trips so far! It's easy to pack and easy to secure to the roof.

I don't have a roof rack, but no matter - Roofbag stays put with the heavy straps and the underlay. I had looked into buying a roof rack and/or trailer hitch, but the costs were prohibitive. Thanks for making a high-quality product that has been the perfect solution!

P.S. We always name the products we love; our Roofbag is now called "Rufus".

Charlotte Spinner
Alexandria, VA

My family drove from Toledo, OH to Orlando and used our Roofbag for the first time.

I was skeptical and still put everything in garbage bags due to a previous bad experience with a soft rooftop carrier.

We drove through 3 1/2 hours of some of the heaviest rain we have ever driven through and the Roofbag worked perfectly. There was not a drop of water inside the bag. The bag was also easy to strap on and load.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Needless to say, I did not use the garbage bags on the way home.

Michael Donahue
Sylvania, OH

I wanted to write and say that this product is great!

I ordered a cross county 15 cf Roofbag to take on an 1100 mile trip over the holidays in my Volvo (that has cross bar roof rack).

The bag was exactly as you describe, and it worked like a charm. We stuffed it as full as possible, which I agree helps with noise, and off we went. Other than needing to make sure the straps were tucked in (to prevent noise from flapping in the wind), we hardly noticed the bag was up there. I don't think it moved an inch up on top of the car. The instructions on use were easy to understand.

I definitely recommend this as a better choice to hard top racks for ease of use, functionality, and price.

Juliet Smith
Alexandria, VA

Thanks again for all of your help. The Roofbag worked like a charm.

We are here in AZ and having a roof bag made my life sooo much easier.

Thank you a million times!!

Val & Tony Janesin
South Pasadena, CA

Dear Roofbag,

I wanted to write to you about the experience that I had with your product.

I have the 11cf roofbag and was using it on a Toyota Matrix. I am a mom of two boys under 2 years old and had to go on a 300 mile trip alone with them.

I found the bag incredibly easy to install by myself and using the coordinating duffle bags made it very convenient.

The part about the trip that really worried me was that the weather for the drive was rain... rain the whole way! I was so worried that I was going to get to my destination and find all of the clothes etc. totally soaked! I ended up driving through torrential, driving rains for all 300 miles of the trip.

I arrived to my destination and unpacked the car to find the bags inside totally dry!!! You made a very difficult and long trip so much better! I was able to take the bag down and pack it away for the length of my stay and put it back on when it was time to come home.

You have made a truly fantastic product that I am recommending to all of my friends!! THANK YOU!!!

Sarah Grellar
Levittown, NY

We ordered a small Roofbag for our Ford Escape and it fit snugly inside the roof rack.

Driving from NW Iowa to Seattle and back included some heavy rains; not a drop entered the bag.

Your product is first rate and so is your service.

Clifford StClair
Sheldon, IA

We bought the roof bag for a Disney trip about three years ago. I felt the need to post a review because we absolutely love it!

We just came back from our second Disney trip with it and the bag is still holding up well. Since our first trip, we have taken many others, including some very wet, rainy drives. The bag had held up extremely well. We have had nothing get wet and have had so much more room in our car as a result of the roofbag.

It is an extremely good value and is highly recommended!

Colleen Manthe
Lilburn, GA

I have purchased one of your Cross Country Bags, with accessories, and believe it to be of fine quality and craftsmanship.

I like it so much my partner and I would like to consider one of your RoofBags as a standard feature for our trailers.

Joel Gonia
Crestwood, KY

We purchased a roofbag for your family vacation to the beach. It was our first experience using any cargo carrier, and we are now "true believers".

We purchased the smaller size for our sedan and filled it with 5 standard folding beach lounge chairs, all of our beach paraphernalia (swimming tubes, floats, air pump sand toys etc. We added at least 15 large beach towels.

We did not purchase the waterproof bag, and we did have a bit of rain, but nothing got wet. If you are shorter than 5'6" it would be very helpful to use (and take on the trip) folding step-stools so you can easily get to the top of the car to pack the roofbag as full as possible.

Thank you for selling such a great product with wonderful customer service.

Ronne G. Kaplan
Atlanta, GA

We had a great experience with our new roof bag and duffle bags.

They were tested both ways on a 7 hour trip in the pouring rain.

Everything in the bags were perfectly dry, as was the inside of the roof bag. The duffles are so easy to fill and fit into the larger bag.

Great product!

Andrea Marsh
Asbury, NJ

Just a note to let you know that I absolutely LOVE my roofbag, I am a traveling nurse, I stay in the same location no less than 13 weeks at a time, so It was soooooooo nice to be able to take some of my comforts from home with me, including my 2 large dogs, concidering I bought a small Toyota Yaris, there isnt a lot of room to pack things, and I didnt want to install roof racks on my brand new car, as well as it was very expensive to have the racks installed, i gave the roofbag a chance, and it was fabulous!

I was able to take all my things as well as my 2 dogs and my best friend in a YARIS all the way from Iowa to Pennsylvania!!!! It withstood very very rainy windy weather going down the turnpike!!!

Thank you so much for such a fantastic product, I have recommended this to EVERYONE I know including ALL of my traveling nurses I know.

Becky Joslin
Fort Dodge, IA


I use customer reviews a lot in making decisions about buying things on line. I wanted to share my experience with the roofbag. In one word .... excellent!

I recently downsized to a small Scion from a mini-van. I was wondered how we were going to fit all our camping gear in that small car. The roofbag was a perfect solution.

I bought the three duffle bags. We each got one for our stuff and there was room for our pillows in there too! So incredibly easy to throw on the roof, hoist up the bags and still room to spare in the carrier.

This is a great product and is of good quality. I highly recommend it. We got the smaller of the two.

Elizabeth Sandberg
Portland, OR

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy I am with my roofbag.

I ordered because my family (my two grown kids, daughter in law, granddaughter and I) were planning to travel to Northern California for my niece's wedding.

I drive a Chrysler Pacifica which is a cross over minivan/SUV without a trunk. This is the first time I have had a vehicle without a trunk. With all the gear that traveling with a baby demands I was a bit unnerved about having all our stuff jammed inside the car. If we had an accident I was worried about something inside the car injuring one of us.

I searched online for a roof top bag and finally settled on your product. I ordered online and the transaction was seamless and easy. My bag arrived very quickly only a day or two after I ordered it. It was very easy to put on the car and once filled was easy to zip as well. Provided me the peace of mind I needed knowing that most of our stuff was away from my family.

We had an issue with one of the straps and I sent an email asking about a replacement strap. I had a brand new strap the next day!!

I was even happier with this level of service than I was with the bag!!

Michelle Durbin
San Diego, CA

We purchased the Roof Bag before taking a trip to the east coast and I have to tell you we were very impressed.

Everything arrived dry at the end of our trip - and we drove through moderate rain for over 300 miles on the way out. The bag was fairly simple to install and remove and easily held 2 medium sized suit cases and various other items. There was a reduction in gas mileage, but noise was very minimal and for the cost I would give the product high marks!

I recommend purchasing the mat and extra straps as those things came in handy - the mat worked great to protect the car finish and with the extra straps we had the confidence that the bag was attached to stay (although it was probably fine with the 2 straps that the unit came with).

By the way, when not in use the Roof Bag takes up less room than an over-size shoe box in our garage.

Thanks for a nice product!

Mike Wiederman
Swanton, OH

Bought the Protective Mat and the Cross Country No Rack Roofbag. Loaded it up and drove 1800 miles during the week.

It worked well and we did go through an hour long downpour that almost stopped traffic. When we first started out, the noise on the straps was quite loud, but I pulled out the Duct Tape and wrapped the straps on the sides that were openly exposed to the wind and it fixed it completely.

I saw a lot of different styles on the road but I think your design and materials has them beat.

Good product and I would recommend this as a "good buy".

Sam C. Redmon
Peru, IN

We bought Roof Bag to go camping because we have a compact car and two kids. Definitely not enough room.

Roof Bag was awesome!! It fit so much, was secure on the car, and packs down very compactly.

We use the straps regularly when transporting things from IKEA!

Thank you - Roof Bag Rocks!

Brenda and Ich

We purchased this product expecting the worst and hoped for the best. We purchased the 15 cubic foot bag for vehicles without a roof rack.

We traveled 5052 miles through the winds of Montana and Wyoming at 80 mph and the bag did not move an inch. We also traveled through Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri (tornado ally) in down poring rain, at interstate speeds, without a drop of water reaching the contents of the bag or the inside of the vehicle.

I was worried water would run down the pass through straps, but not a drop, even when siting still in the rain over night.

We were stopped by a couple at Yellow Stone Park with a similar (more expensive) bag. They inquired if we had any problems because water was leaking in their carrier, car and they had to add an extra strap to keep the carrier in place. I was happy to report we did not have any of those problems and at half the price. I will buy another of these bags if I ever wear this one out.

Thanks for the great product RoofBag!!!!

Joshua Ray


I wanted to write about our fantastic experience with our RoofBag.

Initially, and as in previous years, we were going to take our family van on the 485 mile drive to NC on vacation. Due to gas prices we decided to take the family car that gets much better MPG. Storage for our stuff was now a concern.

After looking around and reading reviews on the web, we purchased the Cross Country Carrier Roofbag. It came in handy and held a ton of stuff.

The drive from PA to NC was a learning experience with the Roofbag, and we worried way too much. The bag straps and connectors were very strong. It is important to remember that loading the front of the bag correcctly is important to gain a better and quiet ride. All in all we did just about 1000 miles with our bag this trip, I can't wait to do it again!!

Here are a few pictures of the car with the Cross Country Carrier!!

Carlisle, PA

Just received my Cross Country carrier & it's brilliant. I can't believe how much this thing ( 11 cu ft model) holds. I did a test load & it took all the camping gear that I usually struggle to fit in the luggage compartment of my Skoda Fabia hatch & still had room for more.

Delivery to the U.K. only took 5 days from the states so it arrived in plenty of time for our holiday. Excellent stuff.

I wonder how many more Britain have got one, if not they're missing out.

Nick Gallagher
Bedfordshire, England

We purchased the 15 cu. ft., fully waterproof roof bag for our SUV. It is fantastic. We waited till a week before vacation to order it and got it delivered on time.

Quality and ease of use:
4 vacations later, We have driven through downpours and serious snow with no issues. The first time I had a large color all-in-one printer in the bag (Yes on the roof!). When it was raining we thought we were doomed! Not a speck of water. Actually some condensation from the heat because nothing can get in or out! This bag quality is great and so easy to put on the car. I can do it by myself and I am 5' 4", 120lbs!

I do wish that we had purchased the duffels though; the suitcases fit, but are heavy and wheels and handles take up unnecessary room. I can't believe how much stuff fits and you forget all about it. We put the bags in and stuff all the remaining space with misc items. It is amazingly large and conforms to the shape of the contents! It's nice to not have so much stuff in the car while driving, more room for sleeping children and the dog.

Storage when not in use.
We put the straps inside and folded it up. Unlike hard carriers that take a ton of room and are bulky and heavy to install.

Thanks for the great product. This is definitely worth the money.

Marti Fraley
Cincinnati, OH

We purchased the Roofbag Explorer about 5 years ago and it's been great. We use in on top of our Pathfinder and stuff it full. It stays in place with the provided straps and hold quite a bit of luggage.

We've driven it through rain including a severe thunderstorm and nearby tornado when it was raining so hard we had to pull off the highway.

When we arrived though we were pleasantly surprised that all of our things were still 100% dry. I've recommended to several friends.

Megan Keyes
Saint Charles, MO

I just wanted to write a brief note to let you know how pleased we were with the Roofbag that we purchased for a recent vacation.

I have an Audi and we needed more space for a vacation we were going on in Michigan.

Not only did it hold more than we imagined but I am especially pleased with how well it handled during some heavy rain.

It rained for over 4 hours with our luggage under the Roofbag and when we returned home there was no sign of any water making its way to our belongings.

The best part was that it was simple to install (there is no rack on the top of my car), and you could not even tell that there was a bag on top while driving.

I don't normally write about the use of products I purchase, but I was extremely happy with this purchase and have already recommended it to several friends and family.


Steve Edwards
Aurora, IL

Just bought one Roofbag (15 cubic foot, no roof rack set-up) last week and used it on a 4 hour road trip to northern Michigan. 3 of the 4 hours of the drive it was raining very, very hard.

Roofbag was incredible. Very solid. Everything was dry and the bag didn't shift even a centimeter.

Extremely happy with performance.


Jeff Bonner
Detroit, MI

Last week, we ordered a roofbag from you guys to add to our small car.

A friend was driving out our car from MN to CA for us after our wedding while we were on our honeymoon. Just last night, he fell asleep at the wheel and rolled the car off the highway at 75mph.

The roofbag was jam-packed with clothes.

The policemen said that when the car flipped, the bag on top and all its contents inside cushioned the blow that should have killed the driver.

Instead the impact was not as severe. The car was totaled, yet the bag saved my friends life.

Pretty cool story how this roof bag was part of saving a person's life.

Also impressive that while it was rolling, the bag managed to stay on the car, strapped down the entire time.

Great product! :)

Jeff Larson
Minneapolis, MN

Hi there,

Just had to write a review about how much we LOVE our new RoofBag!

Earlier this year, we downsized from a minivan to a Nissan Rogue. With 2 small children & a basset hound, we were a bit concerned about making trips and fitting all of our "stuff" in the car.

Just last week, we took a trip (sans dog) from Minneapolis (our home) to Door County, WI.

I had purchased an Explorer 11 cu. ft. bag for our Rogue (without a luggage rack) and handed it, along with installation instructions, to my wonderful but doubting husband. After about 10 mins., he came back inside the house and told me that I got an A++ for the purchase!

It was super-easy for him to install, plus we were able to fit the kids' suitcases, my husband's suitcase, all the swimming gear, and more!

Our 340 mile ride across Wisconsin was worry-free and noise-free, too. We didn't even have to make adjustments when we stopped for gas. I am looking forward to putting the RoofBag to use again when we travel to Duluth & Chicago later this summer.

I will recommend this product to my friends & family without hesitation.


Amy Smith
Minneapolis, MN

I just wanted to write to let you know how thrilled I am with your Cross Country Carrier.

I ordered an 11cu ft Roof Bag with protective mat for my Nissan Altima as I was driving from Philadelphia to Des Moines, Iowa with a lot of stuff. I filled the bag with clothing, shoes, etc. and was pleasantly surprised by how much the carrier held.

It was quite easy to install, I did it by myself in less than 10 minutes. I found it did not interfere significantly with my gas mileage and it felt secure and study on my roof throughout the drive.

The most impressive characteristic of your product is how durable and completely waterproof it was.

I ended up having to drive through torrential downpours, bordering on tornado conditions with heavy rain and strong wind for several hours - and then had the car parked out in the rain overnight during the trip.

I was very concerned about the condition of my clothing that was in the Roof Bag - and once I arrived in Iowa, I opened the carrier with great trepidation, thinking that I would find my possessions in a wet, soggy mess.

I am thrilled to report that everything was completely dry and in just as perfect condition as when I packed it. This product far surpassed my expectations and I cannot tell you how thankful I am to you for creating a product that actually lives up to its promises.

Thank you!

Emily Scanlon
Chester, PA

I purchased two RoofBags two years ago and have just returned from a 9200 mile coast to coast plus tour with them. I have also been using them on our choir vans for the last two years as well.

They have most likely logged close to 20,000 miles in all kinds of weather. We have never had any problems with them. They have never leaked.

Last year we took them with us to South Korea and Japan and they were invaluable in moving our luggage in limited van space from the airport to our accommodations. We were able to save the cost of another van rental because of bringing them.

Thank you!

Betsy Mayer
Rapidan, VA

I just purchased the EXPLORER 15 cu ft Gray Roof bag and LOVE IT!! I didn't think it was going to hold a lot after looking at it and seeing how much we had to transport but it was perfect! It's durable, waterproof, easy to install and a great value for the money! Plus it's easy to store without taking up a lot of room!


Lisa Sindoni
Irvine, CA

I ordered a 15 cf Cross Country carrier to use for Christmas vacation with two small children in a Toyota Highlander. We packed our RoofBag full both ways and were amazed at how much added space we had.

Each way on our trip we drove 9 hours through snow and freezing rain, and everything inside the RoofBag was perfectly dry! I had read on another review about some condensation issues so the first drive I covered everything with a tarp for added protection, but was so impressed that I didn't worry about it for the drive home and everything was fine.

I'm not sure how much our gas mileage was affected because of having to change our driving with the weather. I did feel some added wind resistance, but not enough to be bothersome. The only problem we had was that we were initially sent the wrong type of straps, but one simple email corrected that problem and I quickly had the correct straps.

The bottom line is that we were very impressed with the quality of the product - it added a large amount of storage for our trip, protected it through the worst weather I could have imagined for testing it, and was secure on top of our vehicle.

After searching through other soft carriers and hard-shell carriers I am 100% satisfied with the quality and value of my purchase. I was also very pleased with the prompt response by customer service with the one small problem I encountered.

I will continue to recommend this product to all of my friends and family.

Thanks for designing the solution to our problem!

Mark Puckett
Greenwood, SC

When we backed our car out of the garage to start our trip, I worried a bit. It is stated on the website that the RoofBag is waterproof, not resistant, but waterproof. We were getting rain that was causing flash flood warnings all over our area. I closed my eyes and said to myself, "here we go".

We drove in the heavy rain for an hour and a lighter rain for another hour and a half. Eight hours later we arrived at out destination and began to unpack our luggage. The RoofBag was wet on the bottom, between the car roof and the bottom of the bag but, not a drop inside!

I was completely impressed. Every time I looked in the mirror to see the RoofBag it looked as if we were not moving. The bag stayed tight and secure the entire trip.

I have never seen a RoofBag on a car before. On our trip to Lower Michigan we passed an older couple, (60's at least), with one on their car. The RoofBag logo in back proudly displayed on their car as it was on mine!

Thank you for an excellent product at a fair price.

Thanks RoofBag!

Andrew and Jessica
Mishicot, WI

Just returned from a road trip with my Hubby, oldest DD & two year old Granddaughter. We went from Indianapolis to San Antonio, then on to Las Vegas and back.

We used the 15 cu. ft. gray Cross Country carrier with the protective mat on our 2005 Malibu Maxx & it was such a space saver for us!! We packed all of our suitcases, Baby's pack-n-play, stroller, portable highchair, extra diapers, blankies, toys & etc. into the three duffle bags we got.

Everything fit nice & snug. The carrier was easy to install & use. We only had to adjust it once during the entire trip.

There was no noise & our gas mileage was barely affected by it. As for the waterproof feature, we encountered rain once & it was not a hard rain, but everything stayed nice & dry.

It was easy to pack & unpack at our destinations. Although while in Vegas, checking in & out of our hotel, several people remarked on the "Body Bags" LOL!! We merely explained they were duffle bags that went into our RoofBag carrier & were mostly for the Baby's gear & had good laughs about it.

I did much research on car top carriers, looking for one that needed no roof rack. I'm so very happy to have found your site & products!!

By the way, my Hubby was against this idea from the beginning. He thought it would weigh too heavy on our vehicle & scratch up the top. I had to convince him to give it a try.

Just to let you know, he has been won over. He too thinks the RoofBag worked out very well & he loves the easy care of it & the storage feature as well. It was easy to clean up & pack away everything into the storage bag to be ready for our next trip.

It is so awesome to find a product that does all it claims to do! Thank you! We will highly recommend your products to everyone we know!


Marjorie Guerrero
Indianapolis, IN

Dear RoofBag,

I just moved from Melbourne, Fl to Chicago and needed something to give me more space and work well on top of my car. I have a Honda Accord and it doesn't have a roof rack. I googled car top carriers and came across the RoofBag website.

After reading through the testimonials I decided to go with the RoofBag. I bought the PROTECTIVE MAT and the EXPLORER 11 cu ft Black rooftop carrier with inside straps for cars with no rack.

We put it on top of my car and packed it tight (I had to sit on top of it to be able to zip it shut), strapped it down and started the 20 hour drive to Chicago. We didn't get any rain but did get some strong winds...

I did not have to worry about anything! Everything worked out GREAT! Didn't hear ANY noise....I actually forgot it was up there most of the time. Thank you for having such a great product! It was PERFECT!!!!!

Nicole Mazade
Chicago, IL

Hi, my husband and I drove from Las Vegas NV to Tacoma WA, 4 days with the RoofBag on my Nissan Altima.

I felt very comfortable with the straps that came with the bag and through rain and shine the bag and straps held strong. This bag holds a lot of stuff.

I do recommend getting the duffle bag inserts because it makes unloading a lot easier. I will recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for a roof top carrier.

Thanks for making a great product.

Cherrie Willingham
North Las Vegas, NV

I was looking for a soft carrier that would fit my Toyota Camry as well as a minivan. I googled auto roof top carriers around the first of July 2010 and found the RoofBag.

I read all the specifics and testimonials. I thought the testimonials had been paid to give glowing remarks.

I ordered the 11 cubic foot one and received it in about 3-4 days. I also ordered 3 duffle bags. I rented a minivan that only had side rails, to go to Atlanta, GA, from my home in IL with 5 other females for a 10-day convention.

I am 66 years old, and myself and two of the other females of which the tallest is 5'4" installed the roof protective mat and bag on top of the minivan. I put all of my clothes except for hanging dresses in a duffle bag. I put paper plates, cups, napkins, unwrapped paper towel roll and no-perishable items in another duffle bag. I stuffed parade decorations, a 24 bottle case of water, soda and other soft items in the middle.

We left on August 5, 2010. Beginning in KY it started to rain.

In TN it rained and rained and rained sheets of rain all through the mountains to where vehicles were pulling off the road due to poor visibility. It rained until we got to about 15 miles from Atlanta.

I just knew my clothes and paper products were going to be soaked.

However, when I got to the hotel and unzipped the bag to get out the 2 duffle bags and other items, I was truly amazed that nothing was not even damp much less soaked.

When I unpacked my clothes, nothing was even the slightest damp. Not one sheet of paper towel was damp.

I told the other 5 ladies I had to write a testimonial as the RoofBag did what the manufacturer and other buyers said it would do as I did not believe it could be that good.

I have not been asked to write this nor have I been offered any incentive to write this testimonial. I am just amazed that nothing was wet.

Some other people I told about the bag are going to order one. I also bought the straps to put the bag on my Camry and cannot wait to use it. I just may buy another one so if and when this one wears out, I will have one on hand as I travel a lot with a lot of people..

P.S. The temperature going to Atlanta was in the mid 90's along with the torrential rain and it hit 100 degrees on the way home along with hard rain off and on. The bag withstood the heat and the pressure of the rain.

Carolyn Toney
Springfield, IL

We just completed a 1,000 mile trip around California.

The RoofBag worked great. It is easy to install, load, and remove. Had no problems with it in two weeks on the road. A simple but good product.


Linda Squillacote
Ridgecrest, CA

We purchased a RoofBag for our 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix. We planned a trip from California up through Oregon and back -- approximately 2,500 miles in all.

We were absolutely THRILLED with the RoofBag. The ease of use made it a joy.

Thank you for a wonderful product that delivered exactly as it claimed. We had a bit of vibration in the straps but a couple pieces of tape on the strap stopped that!

We are completely satisfied with our purchase and would recommend the RoofBag to everyone!

M'Liss Jarvis Bounds
San Jose, CA

We bought the RoofBag when we were on holiday in the U.S. We live in Canada and had to transport some extra baggage back home with us. I researched all sorts of options to get us the extra room we needed. Since our Toyota Camry did not have any roof rack we were looking at several hundred dollars to add one.

I ran into RoofBag while researching our options and it seemed like a perfect solution for our need and our wallet. We ordered the bag and it delivered in a just a couple of days. On the day of our return we loaded it up and secured it with the straps.

I was worried about noise but even at freeway speeds, it was barely noticeable. We drove for two days and 1100 miles with absolutely no problems with the bag.

Best part is when we got home, I simply rolled it up and put it away on a shelf. Can't do that with the big plastic boxes.

Thanks for making a great product.

Kevin and Stephanie Beehner
McMinnville, OR

The RoofBag was great. We have a car with no roof racks and no gutters on the door. It installed easy and carried enough camping gear for 4 adults and a 53 lbs puppy.

It never moved at all on the trip. I can't wait to use it to move our son to college in a few months. Also love the price. Great product for a great price.

Michelle & Bob Gagermeier
Redmond, OR


I am very happy with my purchase.

Everywhere else I looked for a car top carrier, I was told that I would need a rack installed on my car. I have a small Nissan Sentra and bought a fully waterproof RoofBag with its protective mat and was able to go over 1000 miles with no problems whatsoever.

We were even caught in a hail storm that was so bad it made most of the traffic on the freeway come to a complete stop to wait it out. It lasted 30 minutes or so, and there was no damage whatsoever to either the bag or our belongings.

It did not budge even an inch the whole trip. It was a lot cheaper than installing a rack, and cheaper than getting a rental truck, and it is something we will be able to use for years and years. I definitely recommend this product. Thank you,

Eldon Clark
(a very happy customer)
Riverton, UT

I recently purchased a RoofBag for use on my 2005 Ford Taurus; it has no roof rack and I was having a hard time finding a roof carrier that would work. A friend recommended your site, and after viewing the product I ordered one right away.

I used it on a recent camping trip and was amazed at the product! It is very easy for one person to mount, load, unload and remove; it holds a lot of stuff, and nothing gets wet! It folds up neatly and takes up very little room when not in use. It is also very affordable; most of the car top carriers I was looking at were well over $100.00.

I'm very impressed with the product and have recommended it highly to everyone who saw it and asked about it, as well as to other friends who often travel with great amounts of baggage.

For this same camping trip, my boyfriend had a metal roof rack for his vehicle that he had to secure with ratchet straps. In the time it took him to install his roof rack (before he'd even packed it), I had my RoofBag installed, packed, zipped, and secured.

The RoofBag is a terrific product! I think it's going to make a great Christmas present for my boyfriend!

Karen E. Muranyi
Buffalo, NY

I recently purchased the RoofBag for a week-long camping trip. I do not have a roof rack. I drive a 07 Ford Taurus.

I had been looking at roof top carriers for a couple of months on the internet. I was trying to decide what would be the best one to purchase.

I usually read the specs and rely heavily on customer reviews. I had two other brands that I thought about purchasing before discovering the RoofBag.

The negative comments I found about those other brands not being waterproof even though their sellers stated that they were, kept me hesitant about purchasing the other brands.

I came across and pretty much all of the reviews had positive comments. So I took a chance. The drive was from VA to RI.

We did encounter rain on this trip; heavy downpours at times. Nothing was wet! It was easy to assemble and tie down. I heard very little wind noise.

This carrier's performance was great. I didn't have to leave anything behind.

I would recommend this bag to anyone.

Courtney Turner
Richmond, VA

Dear RoofBag,

We used our Cross Country 11 cu foot size Roofbag on our 1991 VW Fox car over the weekend & it was great!

We used one of the original straps that came with the bag around the center of the bag and through the back door along with the 2 extra "hook on the door" straps which we bought additionally. We have not tried it using only 2 straps, so don't know how it would have fared without this 3rd strap.

The combination of the protective non-slip mat, choice of straps & roomy bag definitely made our trip enjoyable in our compact car.

We could transport all our camping gear plus an extra guest and found no difference in any wind drag or gas mileage and absolutely no bag noise even while going down the freeway with the windows open.

There was no movement or slippage while traveling up and down mountains with sharp curves.

We love our RoofBag!

Thank you!

Elaine & Uri Finsterbush
Los Angeles, CA

Hi there, Just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I love our Cross Country Roofbag!

We travel a lot since our families live far away but we didn't want to upgrade to a huge SUV with terrible gas mileage in order to fit all of our stuff.

We just ordered the bag at the beginning of our summer and have driven all over the U.S. with it. The first time, I wrapped everything in plastic bags (just in case). What a waste of time!!!

We drove through heavy rain and everything stayed 100% dry!!! Now I'm thinking of buying one for my friend who is now pregnant with twins....they will need the room!!!!

Thanks again...very happy with my purchase!!

Kate Leckonby
Asheboro, NC

My wife and I realized about 6 months ago that we'd need a cartop carrier of some sort to support our family road trip ambitions.

I'd been mainly researching hard shell carriers and rack systems, and was not really thrilled with the universal knocks against them -- they take up tons of space in your garage when you're not using them, they inevitably whistle and rattle, and they're expensive. My wife couldn't believe it would cost us a minimum of $500 for an entry level setup.

While searching around online for cartop carriers for an alternative, I came across the Roofbag ad on Google. Thank goodness! I found just what I was looking for.

I just finished my first road trip with my 11 cu ft Roofbag Cross Country a couple weeks ago (San Francisco to Tahoe and back) and I couldn't be more happy with the system. The glowing customer reviews I read before purchasing were all well justified. And the value of the product is quite amazing.

Product Quality. The Roofbag really feels high quality and built to last. I'm very impressed with the welding, the zipper quality, and the fabric quality. The duffel bags inside are made of fairly lightweight nylon and lighter-weight zippers, but the handles are sturdy enough, and they're also not likely to be tossed around by airport baggage handlers. Although the warranty is only 2 years, I have no problem believing the entire system will last at least 25 years (maybe a lifetime).

Waterproofing. On my roadtrip, we didn't encounter any rain, so I can't vouch for it directly. However, based on my handling of the Roofbag, I have no problem believing that the 100% waterproof claims are legit.

Set Up. Our Roofbag was totally easy to set up on our car with factory side rails, and the instructions were very helpful. I was careful to load the roofbag as full as I could -- the specialized Roofbag duffel bags were very helpful here! -- and I did my best to secure the straps quite snugly. Also, taking it off was a breeze. Stowing it in the Storage Pouch was a bit harder than expected, but only because the Roofbag fabric is so sturdy.

Storing It. We don't have a ton of space in our garage so it's awesome that the Roofbag tucks into a stuff sack no bigger than a large sleeping bag. Totally beats a hard shell.

Road Performance. Despite the many claims of other customers, I still half-expected the Roofbag to be noisy and kill my gas milage. Surprise, surprise -- just a 2 mpg loss and absolutely no wind noise whatsoever. Really, it's just hard for me to believe how well it worked on our car.

Capacity. The 11 cu. ft. is a very good size. Since you want your Roofbag to be filled up all the way to avoid it whipping in the wind, I'm glad I went with this rather the 15 cu ft. For a family of four for trips up to a week, I think this size is just about perfect. I would only consider the 15 cu ft. size if you are exceptionally heavy packers or have a family larger than 4. 11 cu. ft. is like putting the trunk of our 97 Civic on top of our car!

Value. Superb. Our whole system (Roofbag, duffels, roof liner) with shipping was about $125. That's about 25% of what a rack system would have cost. Granted, we can't throw snowboards or bikes on top of our Roofbag, but if ever decide in the future we want a rack system to take bikes and boards, we can also use our Roofbag with it, too, and still avoid the cost of a hard shell.

Bottom line. I would recommend this product without reservations. Awesome product. Fast shipping. Very helpful web site. Thank you!

Mark Martel
Mountain View, CA

Note from After this comment, we have re-designed our Duffle Bags. They are now made with heavier fabric, a sturdier zipper and stronger construction. We have also increased the size of the Storage Pouch, to make it easier to store the Roofbag carrier and accessories.

We recently went on a camping trip. We have a Ford Explorer and 2 small children. A few days prior to leaving on our camping trip, we realized that we needed more room to pack things otherwise we needed to downsize (which was not a reality).

In a desperate search for a way we could transport our camping gear, luckily I came across this website. I was not sure if this was going to work or if it would even be possible to get this delivered in a few days. To my surprise, I figured out everything needed with the very resourceful information on the website.

I purchased the Explorer carrier with both sets of straps (so it could be used on our other vehicle if needed). We also purchased the mat it sits on top of the roof, the lock/key set, storage and insert duffle bags. I did the express FedEx shipment option; it cost more, but was totally worth it because it arrived within 2 days.

I surprised my husband by packing as much as possible in the roof bag. He was so surprised that we had ROOM in our truck for our items.

The set up and packing takes very little time and effort. It is as easy as putting things in your trunk!

Since we were not familiar with this type of traveling we secured the RoofBag with ALL straps and even added some bungee cords for extra peace of mind. (Do not forget to pack outside your garage, because I made the mistake of packing inside the garage and I could not back out because of the bag height!)

We never noticed any sounds or wobbles at all. My husband made the comment that I made a great purchase.

Our camping trip was a success with all necessary items being able to be packed!

On the day we were coming home it started to rain. We had to pack up quickly. We only used 2 tie downs (required) and thought we would stop at a sheltered area to put the rest of the straps on (for peace of mind).

We made it home with no stops, no readjusting the original required straps, and everything was dry. The duffle bags were handy, but not necessary. The mat for the rooftop is a must!

I have made impulsive purchases before, but this is by far the BEST one ever.

I am 200% satisfied and am more confident that I don't have to have piece of mind to travel because now after this experience my opinion is that this is an extraordinary product at a reasonable price with accommodating shipping options.

Thank you!

Traci Hakanson
Lakeville, MN

We bought the large Cross Country carrier and 3 duffle bags for our Ford Freestyle (Taurus X) with roof rack, and drove with it from Chicago to Maine, over 1,100 miles each way.

The bag performed very well, and was not even slightly noticeable while driving. I think it did cut our gas mileage by a couple of miles per gallon, but it was still a lot better than taking 2 cars all that way!

We didn't have any rain, but I wouldn't have been concerned if we did, as the zippers were well sealed and covered by heavy flaps. I would recommend the gray bag, because of the heat that a black bag would absorb from the sun.

Our bag stayed cool. The duffle bags also worked well for packing, although I would recommend that you offer 6 of them in half size. The roof bag was amply sized to hold them when full, but half size bags would have been easier to handle and stow.

Thank you for an excellent product.

Terry Linderman
Chicago, IL

I wasn't sure how waterproof the RoofBag would be, but we used it traveling to PA from IN and back. We drove through some heavy rain and everything stayed totally dry.

Esther Martin
Goshen, IN

Thank you so much for a great product. It was by far the simplest loading and unloading of luggage I have had in 30 plus trips to Florida, Virginia and Washington D.C. with my family.

The greatest part is the strap system. So simple and reliable.


Chris Schiller
St Louis, MO

We just returned from a 6 hour trip from Virginia to Pennsylvania, in pouring down rain, and our cross country roofbag kept all of the contents of the roofbag DRY!!!! It did not just lightly rain, it rained so hard that it seemed like it was hailing and it rained 5 hours out of the 6 hour drive.

I highly recommend the CROSS COUNTRY Roofbag if you want to keep your contents safe and dry.


Cindy Phelps
Pittsburgh, PA

We purchased our RoofBag online and it was delivered as stated. This bag was worth every penny we paid for it. We packed 3 large bags of clothing, 2 beach chairs, a cooler, a box of kitchen supplies, a beach umbrella and two bags with shoes. We had room to pack more but did not need the space.

It did however free up the space in my Rav 4 which was nice for passengers in the back seat who would have been cramped otherwise. We drove from PA to NC for a week at the Outer Banks and we rented a house so we had to take extra stuff that we might not have taken if we had stayed at a hotel.

This bag was definately the answer. Rated a 10 in my opinion and would recommend to anyone looking to create space, keep your belongs dry and intact and easy to install and store away.


Monica Jumper
Newville, PA

Our family travels a lot and we have had other roof bags and this is by far the best. We strapped it on our Ford Fusion for a 1200 mile round trip and didn't have a single problem. It had plenty of room for a lot of stuff and the ride was relatively quiet.

I would recommend this bag to anyone who doesn't have a roof rack. Great product.

Brian Neiderhiser
Connellsville, PA

thank you very much. the roof bag arrived as promised. it was very easy for me to load and unload on my car.

we drove through some heavy rains and everything stayed dry. i got home from my vacation and washed the outside of the bag with soap and water to remove the bugs. i have already referred your product to a few other campers. thanks again for a great product.

Ann Nieman
Janesville, WI

I agonized for months before our yearly beach trip about what kind of car top carrier to get for my 2005 Honda Civic. It doesn't have a roof rack and I feared anything without a rack would fly off during our 5 1/2 hour drive.

I stumbled across RoofBag and ordered the Explorer bag along with the protective mat. After a quick install the morning of our departure it was easily filled and strapped onto the roof of the car.

I barely noticed it during the whole drive and at times it was so quiet I forgot it was even there! The return drive was the same. It was nice not having to fill up the entire back seat with blankets and other bulky and hard to pack items.

I'd recommend this to anyone with a car without a roof rack (even those with one). It's the most reasonably priced car top bag I've found and works perfectly. I'll definitely be buying some of the accessories (like the duffle bags) for our next trip. Highly recommended!

James Mahoney
Fairfax, VA

Just wanted to drop a note saying thanks for the fast shipping and product... I tried it out on a test run and it did very well, no shifting, etc!

This was a great option for my car (which is a two door hatchback which most car racks won't work on and to invest in installing a rack would cost me over 400 dollars).... Great price also for my budget... Thanks :-)!

Nicole sawyer
Parsonsfield, ME

I recently ordered the regular size Roof Bag along with an extra set of straps and the protective mat. It was shipped via US mail and arrived in Canada about 1 week after it was shipped. We used it for the first time over the last 2 weeks on a road trip to Florida. Pictures attached.

Dodge Caravan with RoofBag Car Top Carrier

It poured rain everyday during the trip and I was sure the cases, towels and garment bag would be wet from the constant rain, the spray from the big trucks we were passing or being passed by. But when we opened the bag at the resort everything was bone dry.

The bag generates very little wind noise. You don't even realize it's there.

If I have one negative point it is that when the temperature is low (around the freezing point) it is difficult to do up or undo the zippers as the bag becomes quite stiff. When we arrived in the warmer temperatures and when we repacked to come home, this was not a problem.

All in all we are very happy with our Roof Bag and will not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Vern Carter
Burlington, ON, Canada

Note from After this comment, we have modified the formulation of the RoofBag fabric and it is now more flexible in cold weather.

I was moving from Va to Calif with a stop in El Paso, TX. I was running out of space inside the car. So I ran across the Roofbag on the Internet. I had some doubts about the product. I had never seen it advertised..

So I called your customer service and asked questions. Informed her that I was an older woman and would be traveling by car with my senior citizen sister. She explained the product and said if I had any problems with it or to secure it just to call back and they would walk me thru it..

Well, the Roofbag went on the roof of my car like a charm, never had problems with it or noises coming from it.

To our surprise, on our cross country road trip, we hit thunderstorms, hail and the 'Roof Bag' was still intact and no damage to it. We continued on our trip..when we left the Dallas, TX area, we were in for a surprise and we were concerned about the 'Roof Bag' whether or not it would withstand the snow and ice and wind that we were entering.

The snow was falling hard and it was difficult to see the road at times..the ice was forming on the 'Roof Bag' and my car was now full of ice.. when we finally saw sunlite we were close to El Paso,TX. We thought we were thru with snow but to our surprise it was snowing there too.

When it cleared up the wind arrived. With gusts up to 60 mph. Believe me, we thought the parked car and the roof bag would be gone by morning.

To our surprise everything was still intact and nothing damaged. My sister and I had absolutely no problems once secured..never had to do anything with it.. Granted we did have to have some male assistance for the loading of the bag..

Let me take this time to thank you and to let your company know what an awesome product you have made..I applaud you..

Mary Ann Rojas
San Diego, CA

I drive a 2004 Scion XB with no roof rack.

We recently took a trip from Anaheim, CA to San Francisco, CA. I began researching a roof bag during the planning phases of our trip, after reading tons of reviews, looking at different prices and every option, I found myself returning to Roofbag over and over again. I finally caved in and ordered a Roofbag black Explorer bag and mat.

My order arrived, and at 5am the day of our trip, I got it out, unfolded it and was amazed at how quickly in the dark we were able to assemble it, pack it and tie it down.

My friends and I still had some doubts so we looped the straps through the inside roof handles. We even stopped at the store and picked up an extra strap. We never needed it.

The bag held and was only slightly noisy, this was easily fixed on our first road stop by moving the bag around.

In central California we hit the farm land, currently full of bee hives. I was very impressed with the durability of the bag when we saw that it had been hit with hundreds of bee stingers from the bugs on the road.

The moment I finally waited for was on our return trip though: it rained and poured all the way through California. When we got home and unpacked the bag, everything was dry! The underside of the bag and the mat were wet, but the contents were dry.

I apologize for such a long testimony, but I have to say this bag is awsome!

Thank you Roofbag! You made our trip much easier.

Kasie Mulvihill
Anaheim, CA

We purchased this roofbag for a week-long camping trip in Maine.

The ten-hour drive from Pennsylvania to Maine and back was in a pouring rain. We met Hurricane Bill on the way to and hurricane Denny on the way back.

Everything in the bag stayed dry and no water leaked into our car either.

We were planning to install roof rallies system and a pod. The cost would be around $1,000. And that would be only on one car.

With this Roofbag, either one of our family cars can be used for vacations. It holds everything we need for camping and still has room left.

We noticed the vibrating noise a couple of times. After tightening the straps properly, the noise was gone. For us, the Roofbag served its purpose very well.

Wei Shaw
Plymouth Meeting, PA

We have three cars and not one of them has a roof rack. Our largest car is a Hyundai Accent with a large trunk but not enough room for all our gear, bags and ice-chest.

We needed to fit three adults and a 82lb dog in the car along with our stuff to go to our family reunion.

I took a chance on this bag out of desperation. We were very pleased with its performance. The non-slip mat is part of its success. It was easy to put on the car and secure. The tie-downs actually go around the bag and the roof and through the door openings inside the car.

We applied tension inside the car and secured the loose ends vs. doing it on the outside. This way there was nothing flapping in the breeze.

We also stopped after about 5 miles to check the bag, to see if it really would stay on the roof. It was very secure. We did a practice pack before our trip. The secret to success is to put the heavier items on bottom of the bag and the lighter item in last (try to fill all the empty areas).

The fuller it is, the easier it is to pack and tighten down. We went from Portland, Oregon area to Crater Lake. We experienced minimal drag and our mileage was not significantly affected. We did not experience the whistling sound that accompanies regular roof racks.

Thank you to the designer and manufacturer for this great product. When we were done, the bag and mat packed away nicely and are sitting on the shelf waiting for our next trip. We didn't have to do any rearranging to store it.

Rose Case

Wilsonville, OR

I purchased the RoofBag Cross Country about a year ago. It has been on three trips from Texas to Florida (2000 miles round trip each time). I traveled through heavy rain for 8 hours straight on the last trip.

The bag held up superbly! No water in the bag at all. At 15 cf, the bag is also more than big enough. The design is well thought out and it is easy to load and unload.

I would recommend this bag over any other on the market.

I would also like to note that I have been on a lot of road trips in my utility with and without the RoofBag and I can say you don't notice the difference in gas mileage nor do you feel it up there.

Great buy!

Alan Cole
Houston, TX

I just wanted to pass along a note concerning my complete satisfaction with your product. From your instructions, product selection, ease in placing an order and the product itself, I couldn't be happier.

I had a slight issue with my Roofbag that was most likely my fault and contacted you with some questions. Your customer service was by far and away the absolute best I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

The customer service representative returned my e-mails promptly and resolved my questions quickly and 100% to my satisfaction. AND she was friendly and didn't make me feel like I was bothering her. Other companies could take a lesson from you.

I have had the opportunity to use other car top carriers in the past and I can say without any hesitation, I will never use anything but Roofbag from this point forward.

Thank you so much for your outstanding product and for your superior customer service.

Jack Peet
Grand Rapids, MI

This was a great purchase. I just drove 3000 miles in 4 days with a little honda civic and this on the roof fully loaded. I head strong winds almost the whole way. It served me well. I recommend it.

Beverly Graham
Flushing, MI

Hi Guys, I just wanted to tell you what a great product you have. We purchased the Roofbag for a trip to New Hampshire with my inlaws. We would have not been able to do this trip without it.

The drive all the way there was in driving force rain and everything in the bag was as dry as when we put in it the night before. I was totally shocked.

This product does everthing it says it does. It is money well spent.

I usually don't write many testmonals for products but, this time I had to write. Thanks, for one of the best products I've ever bought.

Russ Canfield
Laceyville, PA

I bought the 11 cubic foot bag because the load for college was getting out of control. The morning of the trip I strapped the bag to the roof of my jeep and loaded it up.

I had also bought the mat and additional clips and lock. It stayed in place for the 12 hr ride, wind, rain and heavy traffic. All of our cargo was dry and like I had placed it in that morning.

I strongly recommend this made-in-the-USA product to any one looking for superior workmanship and functionality.

Thank you.

PS. The storage bags are awesome also.

Patrick McKenzie
Barrington, NH

Last week I took my family of 6 down to Orlando, Florida from Jackson, Michigan. We knew we would have no room in our van unless we found a roof top carrier. After much analyzing I purchased the Roofbag from your site.

I did add one extra tie down strap for my own added safety, but we never had any problems at all and it did not leak any rain into our luggage at all!

Thank you Roofbag for making our Walt Disney magical vacation a dream come true.

Jason Bernstein and Family
Jackson, MI

I ordered this product needing it to arrive before we left in 11 days. It was here within 4 days.

It worked great on our trip because we didn't have enough room for luggage and groceries in our SUV for our week trip.

This was perfect...A wise purchase.

Sara Wiggins
Kingsland, GA

Our 15 cubic foot RoofBag was perfect and exactly as described. We do not have a rack so the straps included went in the doors. They were not obtrusive in any way. Everything stayed perfect inside.

We stopped frequently so we got to be experts at loading and unloading the bag, since we didn't want to leave it overnight packed with our luggage. It literally took us under five minutes to set it up each time.

Steven Williamson
Ashford, CT

I just received my 11 c.f. Roofbag. I wanted to get an idea of what I could fit in it. So I stuffed the 2 duffle bags and I still had room to put all 4 of our camp chairs and I still have room for more!

Wow, what a great product!! The duffle bags are great too! I can't believe all I was able to fit in them, and how good they fit in the Roofbag. Now I can't wait to use them in a couple of weeks to go up north camping. Thanks for great service and speedy delivery!

Jackie Colpitts
Macomb, MI

I purchased the 15 c/f roofbag in May 09 for a crosscountry trip in June. As a single mom I am determined to be independent whenever possible.

Your product was a breeze to install and use! The instructions were clear and complete and I encountered no trouble whatsoever. The Roofbag remained secure and items inside dry and intact.

I am very pleased with my Roofbag and will be relying on it quite a bit in the near future!

Ginger Gitthens
Greenwood, AK

We bought this bag after we saw it going down the road on a minivan back in March. We used it for our family vacation of over 2500 miles.

We went through a hail storm in Nebraska, during which we tried to secure shelter under an overpass, same idea other folks had too, so we weren't very well protected. We subsequently received $5000 for the hail damage to our van.

The spot where the RoofBag was, is the only place that didn't get any damage. None of our clothes were wet or damaged. We vowed right then to send feedback about what a wonderful product you make!! Great quality for the price! Thanks so much.

Jammie Weight
Raymore, MO

I am so very pleased to report that the order has arrived at our daughter's home. This was a Christmas gift for her and her family.

The ordering process was perfect no hitches. I just can't thank you enough for the ease of this transaction. I am very satisfied.

Have a Blessed Christmas

Marilyn Basham
Sycamore, IL

This is our third year using the RoofBag. This year we took 6 people and their luggage in our Honda Odyssey from Massachusetts to Ontario for vacation. Needless to say we needed extra space, and used the Roof Bag. It made packing the car very easy.

On the way back we only had four of us but we used the bag anyway just to have more space in the car. It held all four suitcases, three sleeping bags, four life jackets, a couple of inflatable boats, and several other miscellaneous items.

This time it rained the whole trip (10 hours) but everything inside stayed completely dry. I was glad I bought the fully waterproof model! The bag didn't move a millimeter, and I did not have to tighten the straps at all, every time I checked them they were as tight as when we started.

The bag still looks brand new and is in top condition -- the only way you can tell it has been used is a few marks from where some of the black side rail color has come off on the grey bag.

I did some calculations which suggest a reduction in fuel economy of only about 1 mpg -- similar to what others have written.

Thanks for a super high quality product at an extemely reasonable price. We would recommend it to anyone.

Tom Rawson
Cambridge, MA

The roofbag arrived exactly on time this morning to my home address on base in Germany and has already been tested out! It is fantastic - thank you. Have you got a UK vendor for these as I know that many of my friends would want one of these too.

Roger Macmillan
Oerbke-Lager, Germany

So we finally got to try our new roof bag last week end. It worked perfectly and held much more than I anticipated. Thanks for a great product!

Martin Paradis
Langley, BC, Canada

Your roof bag did us well in moving from DC to Hanscom AFB in MA. ZERO loss in mileage, so kudos to you.

Richard A. Olivarez, MSgt, USAF
Bolling AFB, GA

We needed extra storage for our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I came across the Roof Bag while searching the internet for roof carriers.

I decided to purchase the Cross Country Rood Bag, with mat. We have a 2007 Honda Pilot. We were able to fit 3 medium suitcases, a sleeping bag, an air bed, pillows and a few extra things. The day we left it was raining and windy. This Bag went through 3000 miles of wind, heat, rain and bugs! This bag is water proof and still looks like new. I love this Roof Bag.

Francisco Alvarez
Los Angeles, CA

After purchasing a Hundai Elantra, we wondered how will we ever get all the things in that we used to put in our Dodge Caravan to go south in the winter. Well we did it with ease after purchasing your Extra Rugged, Waterproof 11 cu. ft Roofbag.

We also purchased the 3 duffle bags which I feel are essential to making packing so easy and we got the slide-proof mat as well.

We packed the night before and the next morning it was below freezing. On the first day we ran into sleet, snow and heavy rain and were on the highway 15 hours.

The Roofbag lived up to our expectations and everything was in good condition when we arrived the second day. The straps were easily fastened through the doors on our car with no roof rack. The bag never moved an inch. It is a great product!

Marjory Drisko
Bristol, ME

Thank you so much for your quick response and easiness to work with. Our bag worked great although we are anxious to see how it does in a storm.

After our experience with your company, we will be recommending you to all we know. Thank you very much.

Brittney Clark
Bolivar, TN

The RoofBag is a great asset for our family. We have 4 boys ranging in ages from 8 to 18 months. It is difficult to take an extended trip and fit all the stuff in our van.

I had been researching roof top carriers and decided on a soft carrier due to storage limitations.

I was looking at all the known brands but read many reviews about leaks with them.

I ran across the Roofbag website and testimonials. The price was great and I decided to give it a try.

We have been very impressed.

We have used the bag several times and have driven in rain. No leaks.

It folds perfectly for storing in our garage.

I would recommend it to anyone considering a soft roof top carrier.

The Williams Family
Charlotte, NC

I must admit, I read the testimonials and thought: are these real? this Roofbag carrier can't be that great. But I trusted them and ordered my Roofbag.

I was more than pleased with the Bag. It was huge! It fit everything that I needed and had room for more.

It was so shocking that it was such a good product for such a resonable price.


Deborah Graham
McKinney, TX

When we were planning the trip, we had concerns about fitting everything in the car. It became clear that we had to acquire some kind of external system/rack/container to transport our gear.

Our criteria were pretty simple: it had to be long and wide enough to hold two golf bags at the least, it had to be durable and waterproof, it had to be able to be secured tightly to the roof and allow the back hatch to open, and it had to be priced right. It didnt have to be pretty, it didnt have to be sleek and it didnt have to be fancy.

We browsed around the net and found RoofBag and we jumped on it. In addition to the bag itself, we ordered an extra set of straps and the protective mat.

We put Roofbag to the test and it passed with flying colors.

It not only held our golf bags, we also packed a large suitcase, a large container of dog food, a collapsible set of tall dog bowls, fishing poles, and golf shoes in it. On the way home, we crammed Gregs big trash bag of dirty laundry in it as well.

The RoofBag carrier is surprisingly aerodynamic. We didnt exactly conduct a thorough or scientific test like the Mythbusters did on the pickup truck with the tailgate down and/or netted, but according to the mileage gauge on my car, having the Roofbag on it only reduced our mpg by about 1.

We started with four straps but quickly discovered that 3 did the trick. We packed it slightly lower in the front and higher in the back (also the way the bag is shaped) and secured one of the straps close to the front to keep it tight to the roof and not let any air catch under it. It didnt even add much noise to the drive.

Its a bag. Not a car rack container system with a name like Thule that many people cant pronounce (I think its Tooly), but a roof bag. Simple. Affordable. It does the job.

The Roofbag became a centerpiece of our trip. Vito is so worried he'll be left behind, he just jumps into his lounge and waits as the loading occurs. He will not exit the vehicle under any circumstances. Hed say Rrroof, wed say Bag.

Dodge Caravan with RoofBag Car Top Carrier

Kristen Williams
Simi Valley, CA

I purchased an 11 cu ft, gray Roofbag a couple of months ago and then my family and I headed out west from our home in Connecticut to Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Overall, it was just the thing we needed. However, I was a little disappointed because where we went it was so dry and so there wasn't any opportunity to test its waterproofness, that is, until we were traveling back east and came head to head with a major rain and thunderstorm in Minneapolis.

It was a drenching storm but your product held up great. Not a drop got inside.

I'm satisfied with my Roofbag. I will spread the word.

James Kovic
Norwich, CT

After purchasing a Hundai Elantra, we wondered how will we ever get all the things in that we used to put in our Dodge Caravan to go south in the winter.

Well we did it with ease after purchasing your Extra Rugged, Waterproof 11 cu. ft Roofbag. We also purchased the 3 duffle bags which I feel are essential to making packing so easy and we got the slide-proof mat as well.

We packed the night before and the next morning it was below freezing. On the first day we ran into sleet, snow and heavy rain and were on the highway 15 hours.

The Roofbag lived up to our expectations and everything was in good condition when we arrived the second day.

The straps were easily fastened through the doors on our car with no roof rack. The bag never moved an inch.

It is a great product!

Marjory Drisko
Bristol, ME

A last minute change in travel arrangements made it necessary to make room for my mother and 80 pound boxer-mix, to ride along on our 13 hour trip to the Carolinas. We were renting a beach house, so had a lot of extra supplies to bring as it was, so I desperately searched the Internet for a fast solution.

When I happened on, I couldnt believe how economical your prices were. Could this really be a good investment? Can it really get here in time? Will I regret this? I especially worried, as we do not have a true luggage rack (front and back bars), but just the side bars, and have heard this makes it hard to keep carriers from sliding.

I purchased the bag, anti-slip mat (highly recommend this, it is fantastic and well worth the few extra dollars), and pouches, and was able to save even more with your free shipping. Then I held my breath that it would come on time, and actually work.

Your shipping was incredible. I couldnt believe when we had the delivery 2 days later. Installation was a breeze, and we were shocked that we were able to pack 3 suitcases, a duffle bag, beach umbrellas, and 50 pounds of dog food, into this bag.

Hurricane Hanna decided to blow in as we drove down, and I feared the worst, with all the rain and blowing. Every stop we checked the Roofbag and found it never so much as slipped an inch.

We came across some people at a rest stop, who had purchased another carrier I was considering as well, that actually cost much more. They were trying to figure out how to stick the carrier into their car. They said it had been constant problems, slipping and moving, and were in awe of our bag.

Once we arrived at the beach, we simply unstrapped the carrier, folded it, and tucked it away until ready to leave again. Everything inside was perfectly dry and preserved. Not having to drive around with it on the car all week, was such a great bonus (especially with gas at over $4/gallon)!

Going home, we just popped it right back on, filled it up and away we went.

What a wonderful product, we just loved/love it, and recommend it HIGHLY.

Celeste Sunyak
Cleveland, OH

I just wanted to take a minute to write and let you know how pleased I was with my recent purchase. The entire experience, from your well-constructed website to the product itself was excellent.

I also wanted to thank your customer service rep for being so helpful. We were leaving on a trip and the bag was just going to make it on time. I was alerted on the day of delivery (through the UPS tracking feature) that UPS had damaged and discarded the package. We were leaving in two days so it didn't look good. Your customer service rep contacted UPS and arranged for a new bag to be delivered the next day.

We received the Roofbag carrier on time, installed it, and found that the bag fit the car well, held tons of stuff, never budged or made noise - and we averaged over 25 mpg in 400 miles (Subaru Legacy - no roof rack).

Thanks for making a great product and backing it up with great support!

Mark and Gina Turner
Wallkill, NY

We recently bought our RoofBag for a trip to North Carolina.

We struggled over which type of rooftop carrier to purchase and when reading reviews about bag carriers most of them complained of leaks. However, we really did not want to be saddled with storing a hard roof top cargo carrier.

So while searching the Internet we came across After much debate we decided to purchase the large roof bag with the mat. The first set up was a bit taxing, but once you figure it out set up is a breeze.

We did drive through rain and everything stayed dry. I feel that the construction is such that everything would stay dry. The order process was easy and the bag arrived when promised.

I would recommend this bag to anyone.

Pamela Kordeck
Macungie, PA

On a recent trip to the Outer Banks, I needed to come up with something I could use on a rental car from Norfolk airport to Southern Shores.

We had 5 adults and an infant with car seat so we needed a van. But with all the luggage (6 suitcases and carry-ons plus baby stuff) we would had never fit unless we rented two cars.

Upon looking on the internet I found What a life saver. With the three large suitcases we put on top we were able to get everyone in and sitting comfortably.

It saved us another rental plus double the gas we would have used.

It was quite easy to install and it did not move an inch. I was very happy with this purchase.

Now for our next trip we won't have to squeeze everything in our car again.

John Fasciana
Depew, NY

Wanted to let you know that I purchased a cross country Roofbag in July.

I have a Honda Accord and I thought that I wanted the 15 cubic foot one but after talking to customer service, I decided to go with the 11 cubic foot one. Great advice.

My husband was not wanting the bag but after traveling 1500 miles round trip in rain and wind, he loves it as much as I do.

I also purchased the duffle bags. Can't believe how much you can fit in the Roofbag. I would recommend it to anyone. I loved the price, the versatility and the idea that I didn't have to purchase roof racks.

Can't wait to pack for my next trip home to PEI, Canada.

Lori Howlett
Dorchester, MA

We tried the Thule bag 2 years ago when we took my son to college. We had to return it as it did NOT work with our side rails, it almost flew off of the car.

We bought a Roofbag carrier and we just returned from a 2-day drive from Atlanta to Maryland and we encountered heavy rain due to hurricane Fran. All contents arrived safely and dry. I was shocked. I thought for sure we would have some damp items.

Your service was fabulous, your delivery was early and our stuff got there dry.

This is a fabulous bag for a side rail vehicle. We used 3 straps and it held great.

THANKS ROOFBAG!!! THANKS for making a great product!

Diana Murphy
Atlanta, GA

Thanks a lot, I got the picture and now I understand how to strap it down. It's people like you that makes doing business with a company a pleasure.

I will be buying a carrier from you right away. I appreciate all the help that you have given me.

Albert C. Hubbard
Glade Hill, VA

I used the Roofbag on the back deck of my Chevy Avalanche pickup and it worked great. Used an extra set of straps to make double-length straps criss-cross to attach it.

Dave Brask
Long Grove, IL

We purchased your product for our Ford 500 to take our oldest from OH to FL for his first year of college at Embry-Riddle.

For almost five days we drove around the Daytona and other central Florida areas in Tropical Storm Fay enduring 55 MPH winds, and by our calculations roughly 150 hours of rain on and off.

You should know all belongings which were stored in the RoofBag were kept dry and unharmed during the entire trip, only getting wet as we moved his belongings from the car into his dorm. Thanks.

Chris Warren
Kent, OH

Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the RoofBag I purchased about 2 weeks ago - it was easy to install, completely waterproof and great to use on our trip. Your colleagues who answered my questions were very helpful and the whole process of ordering was as smooth as possible. You have a great product and operation. Thank you!

David C. Dembert
Baltimore, MD

I recently had to help my sister and niece move across country and was very concerned about getting all their stuff into my Scion XB.

I told my sister I was buying the Roofbag but she had her doubts about how much it would hold. When the packing was done she was amazed that we had fit almost everything into the Roofbag and didn't have to crowd the interior of the car at all.

I got the optional protective mat and it did a great job of keeping things from sliding around and protecting my roof. The extra straps I ordered had hooks on the end that are meant to grab the inner ridge of the doorway. The Scion XB does have this ridge but I found it was even more secure to attatch the hooks to the handles that are inside above each door.

There was a little noise but I realized we had packed some shoes on the bottom of one bag and one of the heels was causing a vibration against the roof. Even so it was not much noise and we didn't even bother to shift the bags around to try to eliminate it.

The optional duffle bags made it really easy to load and unload.

The Scion XB has a little compartment in the floor next to the spare tire. I put the Roofbag and ALL the extras into the carrying bag and with a little effort they fit into that compartment nicely. Now it will always be there if I need to carry extra items. You never know when you'll get that great deal at a garage sale or flea market.

I highly recommend the Roofbag to all Scion SB owners!

Michael Stillwell
Gainesville, FL

Wow! that's the fastest live customer service ever! I will be back...

Nan Wilson
New Paltz, NY

Hi! thank you for the email! I really appreciate all the customer service I received! I LOVED my roofbag! It worked so well in my drive across country!

Thanks again!

Michelle Wegener
Long Beach, CA

Having extra space for road trips was never an issue for this family until we traded in our Chevy Trailblazer LT 4x4 for a Toyota Camry Hybrid. We knew we would lose extra space, but the savings at the pump would be worth it.

In July we had a road trip to FL for Fastpitch World Series. How would we fit a family of four, ten days worth of belongings per person, pillows, towels, blankets as well as our daughters gear bag? Being a catcher her bat bag is jam packed with catchers gear, bats, mitts etc. Her bag alone takes up a good portion of the trunk.

One thought was a roof top carrier. We used to have a hard shell carrier when we owned the Trailblazer; but now no roofrack, and on a HYBRID!?!? I went to a Hybrid forum to ask if anyone had traveled with a rooftop carrier on their hybrids. But the carriers talked about were made for use *with a rack*.

A quick search online brought ROOFBAG to my attention. Specifically, for use with or WITHOUT a rack! After browsing your site and all of your products, I knew I had found what we needed. Now the question was which size and would it get here in time?

I sent off and email to inquire about which size would be best for my car. To my amazement, a reply was sent 2 hours later with advice and size recommendation. WOW! Now thats service!

I placed my order immediately, knowing that we would be on the road in 2 days. I ordered the 11 cu ft CrossCountry in gray, storage pouch, protective mat and set of 3 duffle bags. Even with overnight shipping the cost was far cheaper than most hardshell carriers on the market. offers a large variety of shipping options.

Happily, my order arrived on time as stated online. When it came time to pack, it was a breeze. The duffle bags made loading and unloading quick and easy. It was super simple to attach and load onto the car. The kids loved that they actually had space in the backseat and did not have to be squished for an 11+ hour trip!

The RoofBag did not shift once during the trip. Its ability to not shift was put to the test, when wildlife crossed our path late at night and dodging and hard braking became necessary. It was also completely waterproof, as I drove through quite a few rain/thunder storms during the trip.

The fact that once we reached our destination, we removed the RoofBag and folded it into its little drawstring storage bag and tossed it into our trunk is an added bonus. As we drove around the ballparks and surrounding areas for the next week, I saw many roadtrippers driving around with their hard shell carriers still attached to their vehicles. This left me feeling pretty smug for having RoofBag.

We are super happy with the customer service as well as our RoofBag! You can bet that we will be recommending this to everyone! Thank you for offering such an amazing product at such an affordable price!!!

Toyota Camry with RoofBag Car Top Carrier

Regina McCreery
Louisville, KY

My family takes an annual vacation to South Padre Island, Texas each year from the Fort Worth area (about a 9-hour drive) and we've always taken two vehicles to accommodate all of the luggage, beach toys, etc.

With gas prices being so incredibly high this year I sought to somehow get us all into one vehicle to save money.

I wanted to pack us all into our Dodge Grand Caravan but it does not have a roof rack so I priced roof racks and cargo bags and realized it was going to cost more to buy all of that than it would be to pay for gas for two vehicles!

That's when I discovered your website and read about the bag that could be installed without a roof rack. I was extremely skeptical but after reviewing your site and talking to one of your great customer service representatives I agreed to purchase a RoofBag.

What a fantastic and very affordable product! We all easily fit into the van and it was very easy securing the bag to roof. The 3 duffle bags made loading and unloading very quick and easy and I can't wait to use it all again! Thanks for being there!

John Saal
Burleson, TX

I have to say that I am very impressed with your company. I haven't yet received the product but am so pleased with the descriptive nature of your website and with the wonderful service provided. I initially couldn't find the "order now" link on your website and so left a message on your 800#.

I was stunned to receive a return phone call within the hour (at 10 pm on Friday nite) and was very pleased that the representative reviewed my order and recommended (based on my car size) that I purchase the smaller bag. We will be vacationing soon and would not have had time to return and repurchase the correct bag had the representative not taken the time to check my order.

If the product is as good as the service, I know I will be extremely pleased. In fact, we are going on vacation with 4 other families, all of whom need additional storage space so "hey, you never know", this could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship for all of us!


Cynthia Shore
Kenmore, NY

We are very pleased with our Roofbag. We have a Honda Odyssey with two side luggage rails and used the Cross Country 15 cu. ft. bag with the mat under it. We only used the two long straps and had no trouble getting the carrier secure.

We did go through some heavy rain on our long trip and everything stayed dry inside. Thank you for a superior product and a website that is clearly written and easy to understand.

We will not hesitate to recommend the Roofbag to others. Having the testimonials on your website definitely helped me decide to buy from you.

Virginia Schneider
Houston, TX

Just got back from our vacation from N. Az to So. Calif. Left N. Az and the monsoons were pouring. We decided to put our RoofBag to the test.

And wow, what a great product. Can't believe how much stuff this thing carries.

Zero leakage and this thing didn't move a bit thru the high winds.

I highly recommend this great product for everyone. RoofBag you rock!

Lee Marier
Dewey, AZ

I've just returned from a 4-day trip (650 miles) and used my RoofBag Explorer (15 ft capacity) for the first time. We have a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country and had 5 kids with us.

The roof bag afforded them so much additional room. Without it I really don't think we could have made the trip. We filled the roof bag with sleeping bags, pillows, duffle bags, toys, clothing, beach towels, you name it.

It was easy to secure to the roof with the two long straps, and it never moved an inch. We really didn't know that the bag was up there and I didn't experience any change in fuel economy.

On the way home, the bag went through the ultimate test, a sixty minute, torrential downpour on Interstate 80. When we arrived in Grove City, OH, not one item was wet, not a single drop inside the bag.

You have an outstanding product at a reasonable price. The quality and workmanship of the materials is top notch.

Lee R. Tompkins
Columbus, OH

RoofBag gang,

I purchased the large waterproof RoofBag just in time for our family vacation to Rehoboth Beach. This bag fit perfectly on our 2004 Nissan Quest. We have the roof rack with cross bars.

Loaded the bag up with the baby's pack and play, stroller, boogie boards, beach towels, beach chairs and the kids' soft luggage.

We had rain on the ride to the beach, but everything in the RoofBag stayed high and dry. I purchased the additional two straps and with practice got pretty fast at straping down the bag and its contents.

Today, when we got back to Pittsburgh from our vacation, I unloaded the bag, washed off the bugs, left the bag in the sun to dry and shoved it back into its storage bag. Unit is ready to go for the next family trip.

I am a father of 4 girls with ages 14, 12, 10, and 10 months. You can imagine the gear we end up taking on our family vacations.

You have a great product. I will spread the word.

John J. Soltis Jr.
Gibsonia, PA

I just wanted to say that I received my RoofBag within only 1 day after I placed the order. That is amazingly fast! It also was very easy to install and fits on my car roof perfectly. Your customer service is impeccable and the product is everything you said it would be.

Thanks so much for making such a great product.


Jesse Fairless
Northridge, CA

I recently purchased the Cross Country Roofbag. I was very hesitant about purchasing the bag as I had just had another brand bag blow off my van. I was using the Roofbag to travel from Michigan to Florida.

I can't express to you how HAPPY I was with your bag. It was great! It traveled through snow, pouring rain, and wind and we NEVER had a single problem.

Our stuff inside stayed perfectly dry and it was so easy to strap down - simple enough for even a couple of blondes to do by ourselves! We checked the straps at every stop and never had any issues with them coming loose.

I have recommend this bag to everyone I know. I was even telling people about it at rest stops who had bags by those "other" people.

Anyway, thanks a million! We never would have gotten all of our stuff to Florida and back without your help. Thanks!

Michelle Goembel
Portage, MI

Found you on the web. Product looked great so I decided to order one. Very kind lady over the phone and what a breeze ordering. We can't wait to use it on our trip to California. Thanks for great, knowledgeable customer service.

Lee Marier
Dewey, AZ

I can't say enough about my new RoofBag! I shopped quite thoroughly and there is not a product on the market that even compares with your quality, and especially at your price.

I think your web site is terrific. It is attractive, provides complete information and it is easy to use.

The person who took my order was delightful. She answered all my questions and made sure that shipping was prompt (I got the product right when I needed it without paying extra for shipping).

I don't know how I could be happier with this purchase. I look forward to many, many years of satisfaction with my RoofBag.

Ronald Frandsen
Brigham City, UT

Your customer service was excellent and so is your product. I will recommend Roofbag to anyone looking for a car top carrier.

Jeremy Brown
League City, TX

Hi there. I just ordered your product (to be delivered on or before Friday June 6th). I wanted to let you know that your product was actually semi-fun to read and very informative.

I believe you have a great concept (it was actually many of the things I was looking for that I could not find anywhere). I am grateful to have stumbled upon your website via the search engines after hours of looking.

It is obvious the amount of thought and energy you have put into this niche market. Great job (I am sure the performance will be delivered as well)!

By the way, I do not give complements too much these days on products (because many of them are just plain junk). . . smile. It is also good to see something of good, solid quality (of course presumptive on my part at this point) made in the Ole US-of A!!!

Greg B.
Winston Salem, NC

Your website is very well thought out. You have the best product I was able to research of its type. I hope it is everything you say it is. You presented all the information a concerned shopper should need. Thank you

Stanley Guillory
Morenci, AZ

I am so glad I found this site. Going on long vacation and would never have gotten everthing in trunk of SUV due to having small children (car seats, strollers, pack n'play, etc.) Can't wait to use it - the stress if off!

Jennifer Zamaites
Cumming, GA

I recently purchased the roofbag explorer 15cubic feet. I have a family car with no rooftop rack. I needed something to help transport camping gear. I have to say this product went above and beyond what I expected. The customer service was great.

This soft bag was just what we needed for our trip. It left more room in the car for people instead of baggage. I am looking forward to using this bag on more trips. I would recommend this soft bag if you don't have a roof rack.

Dana King
Indianapolis, IN

What a great product! We have 9 month old triplets and we just took our first family vacation. We live in Naples, FL and traveled to Daytona Beach for 4 days, then to Orlando for 5 days and then back home.

We honestly could not have had such a great trip without your products. I purchased the three duffle bags, cover, two extra straps and the carrying case.

The duffle bags were so practical. We did not have to worry about large bulky suitcases taking up space. All we had to do was put all of our things into the duffle bags then onto our roof.

These products truly empowered us and we are looking forward to our next family trip. I have already started to spread the word to all my family and friends on how great this product is.

Karen Alvarez
Naples, FL

First of all let me tell you how pleased I am with your product, it exceeded my expectations. On our recent trip to the mountains of North Carolina we had rain most of the way there from Florida and most of the way back. Happily we had NO water problems.

We looked at several products, including a fiberglass carrier from our local Sears store. But after reading the testimonials on your site and studying the installation instructions we opted for the 'RoofBag'.

Again let me praise your product, I'll be using the 'big bag' for years to come. Thank you,

David L. Estes III
North Fort Myers, FL

I have never researched for a roof bag before and found your site thorough yet concise. And something about how your website is designed (content also) that gave me a feeling of trust in your company. The BBB logo helps too.

Sharon McGill
Sidney, OH

We got our bag on time and it was a snap to get it ready. We don't have a rack on our car. Used it to go on vacation in north Wisconsin for a week and it performed wonderfully. Thank you for making a great product that I'm sure we'll use for years.

Amy Hennessey
Oakdale, MN

All I can say is: Awesome! My family and I took a trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee using the Roofbag for a vehicle without a roof rack. We ordered the rubber pad to keep the carrier from moving. Through wind, rain and 75-80 mph traveling, the bag did NOT move at all!!

The items inside stayed perfectly dry and there was plenty of room for all our extra stuff. (Ordered the 15 cu ft). Best travel purchase I ever made! Thank you RoofBag.

Bruce Nadreau
DeBary, FL

I recently made a cross-country trip from Indianapolis, IN to Seattle, WA with a Roofbag cartop carrier on the roof of an 07 Chevy Malibu. In the carrier was a full sized suitcase, 2 kid's backpacks, an overnight case, a military-sized duffle bag, and a few plastic sacks of dirty laundry.

We spent 5 days on the road with the Roofbag -- WITHOUT IT EVER NEEDING OUR ATTENTION. This, to me is a testament to its stability, its capacity, and its reliability. After filling it the morning of the 1st day, I adjusted it one time at our first stop, drawing in the straps a bit.

This is a really good product which does exactly as it advertises - It solves a real problem for those of us who do not have roof racks, at a good price. Good job - 5 stars - A fan after 2500 miles on the road.

Daniel Perez
Indianapolis, IN

What a find!!!! It has already paid for itself. Took a trip to Boston and my options were to find a roof top carrier, take two cars, or rent a larger vehicle.

Considered the roof top boxes, but did not want to take up that much storage in my garage or basement for something I would probably use once or twice a year.

Purchased the 15 cu. ft. Cross Country, with three duffles, and the roof mat, which means I also received the free storage bag.

When the package arrived at the house, I couldn't believe how small the box was that it shipped in and was a little concerned that I made a mistake. But I was amazed at the quality of the bag and it performed beautifully.

We went through snow and rain during our trip and everything was bone dry inside when we arrived. After we got back, everything stowed away easily in the small storage bag.

Bob Begley
North Chili, NY

I bought the large waterproof Roofbag. Used it twice already and love it. Can fit so much stuff in it! On one trip it rained hard for 2 hours - nothing got wet. Great product. Thanks!

Robert Shakal
Westfield, NJ

I purchased the 15 cu. ft. Cross Country Roofbag several months ago. Since that time I have used it for long ans short trips. It is easy to store and use.

I not only used it for roof top, but also to keep my wife's mobility scooter dry during inclement weather, since my pickup has no cap for protection. I have found this product goes above and beyond its suggested uses.

I'm also amazed at the fact that everything actually stays dry. I had a similar product in the past which didn't work as well and I was somewhat hesitant to purchase another roof-type bag.

I am so pleased with the purchase of your product, that I tell everyone I know about it. A few of my friends have purchased them since, and are very pleased as well.

Thank you for making a quality product. More companies should follow suit. Then maybe American Made will mean something again.

Karl Schoch
Pittsburgh, PA

With the fire going on in California, RoofBag still kept up with letting me know about the RoofBag carrier I ordered. Not many companies I ordered from did that. Customer service means a lot to me. Since the service was so good, I can't wait to get the RoofBag. Thanks again.

Janelle Olson
Hubert, NC

Your website is great with complete and easy to understand information about your product. Appears to easily beat out the competition in quality for the price.

Alex Cockey
Gaston, NC

We used our new Roofbag on our trip to Nebraska from South Texas. On our way back, it proved true to be waterproof. We drove through an ice storm with ice, sleet, snow, and rain, and all of our things were still completely dry when we got home.

It has tons of storage, which made our long trip a little more comfortable. It's a great product!! Worth every penny!!

Melody Bollom
Kingsville, TX

We received our Roofbag, installed it, filled it and then went on a 3500 mile trip. There were four of us in a Chrysler Concord and the extra room for bags was wonderful.

We removed it during the trip at least half a dozen times and never once had an issue of any kind. We even had several persons ask about it and we just pointed to the address on the bag.

Thank you so much for being a part of our vacation to the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and over 6 States...

Dave Thompson
Rolla, MO

We found the Roofbag to be a well-made and well-designed carrier, and it worked well for carrying our extra luggage.

Laurel Simon
Richardson, TX

I purchased a RoofBag from you in July. My first impression of your staff and service was very positive. Your focus on customer benefits starting with your effort to minimize my cost of shipping and duties just made me feel I was dealing with the right company.

Next we used the Roof Bag on a 15-day road trip and went from traveling through the hottest, driest conditions to traveling through driving rain storms out on the pairies and through dessert conditions.

Every claim you make for your product is absolutely true. You should also claim 'DUST-PROOF' as well. We encountered some of the dustiest roads I have ever experienced in decades of driving. No dust penetrated the Bag.

Thanks for your efforts to serve me well and thanks for a great product that I will use for years to come.

P.S. The RoofBag now hangs in the storage pouch on the wall of my garage. A great added feature.

Gary Bateman
Kitchener, ON, CANADA

I was extremely impressed with your outstanding web site at You certainly go to great detail to explain your Roofbag. The price is also very reasonable with an extremely good warranty.

Your RoofBag sounds like a product that I would like to buy. Again you appear to have an excellent product. Thank you very much!!

Paul Frizane
Mesa, Az

Awsome product!

Teofila Hollander
Pittsburgh, PA

The Roofbag worked out great. We had no problems whatsoever. It was very easy to put on and off the roof of the car.

The only way you could improve on your product would be to make the storage pouch a little larger, (for ease of storing after use and also be able to put the pad in the bag).

I have used the hard shell covers before, but I found the Roofbag worked much better. I found you on the internet and ordering from you was a great experience. I will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends. Thank You.

Rita Walters
Prairieville, Louisiana

Note from We have increased the size of the Storage Pouch since this suggestion.

I just wanted to let you know that the Roofbag worked out great for my daughter. She found it easy to use, and packed in lots of stuff. Thanks again for your followup and consideration.

Ross Archibald
Woonsocket, RI

When our daughter decided to attend college 1000 miles from home, we considered getting her a SUV to make the many trips back & forth but we really didn't want to because of environmental concerns as well as initial cost and gas prices.

Your RoofBag turned out to be the answer to our dilemma! She now has a great little car which she loves for getting around campus and saving on gas money, & she can fit everything she needs in her car and the RoofBag when she comes home for vacation and the summer.

It works great & stores easily in her small quarters at school. You saved us a ton which we need for tuition, not to mention Spring Break trips,etc. Ha! This is a great product for college students! Thanks!!!

Ray and Peg Witaske
St. Charles, IL

Hi. I received my 11 cu RoofBag yesterday and it's great! It fits my car wonderfully and offers lots of additional storage space at low cost. I'm looking forward to our camping trip next week to try it out. Thanks so much.

Lora Davis
Paonia, CO

Thank you for your message to me. I LOVED my RoofBag that I just recently ordered. But, I need another one now!

Tonya Judy
Burlington, VT

Hey thank you so much! You guys definitely have integrity. You reimbursed me for the extra shipping when you bundled my two orders in one. May the Lord return His blessings on you for your honesty.

Steve Dodd
Escondido, CA

Got it today. Thanks for the great customer service. I will be ordering from you again.

Tom Zimmerman

Richmond, VA

Thanks for the speedy response! Your Customer Service is as friendly and professional as your website! Since we feel good about your company, we just ordered the 15 cu. ft. RoofBag!

Vince Darcy

Seabrook, TX

Hi, thank you for the RoofBag. My wife and I used it for eight weeks of vacation travel this summer. It went through all kinds of weather conditions and worked fine. You would not believe how much stuff we were able to cram into it.

Several people came up to us when we would have our car parked in parking lots and asked us about it. We told them to call the web site and get more info.

Paul Frizane

Mesa, AZ

Thank you for your good service.

Diane Sanofsky

Canton, OH

Thank you! I loved the roofbag.

Jay Bunke

Rochester, MN

Thank you so much for the shipping notice. It was a very last minute decision to get a roof bag and I am completely impressed with the customer service from your company.

Ethelannette McKernan

Stafford, VA

Thank you for the excellent customer service!

Barbara Jensen
Tumwater, WA

I recently purchased a
RoofBag, used it on my trip from Illinois to South Carolina and I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased. It was easy to install on the top of the car, was well constructed. The straps held it very securely and it rode extremely well, in and out of the mountains.

I know all too often the public is eager to complain about a product but seldom takes the time to let others know when they are pleased. Thank you for your product. I really love it and will recommend it to others.

Laurie Williams

Yorkville, IL

Wow! That was incredibly fast.

My son was graduating from college and being the procrastinator he is, left packing until the last minute, and then discovered there was no way he could fit everything in his car. Shipping it was a small fortune, and he had to be out of his dorm room.

Fortunately, I ordered a RoofBag for his car, and the RoofBag came in record time. This Saved the day!

Nancy Hill

Portland, OR

I have just completed my order for your product. I did so after considerable market research and wanted you to know why.

With all the issues we face each day everyone in our country needs to make a decision to not give in to the urge for a lower price sacrificing quality and keeping our land, our land.

Your product, while slightly higher priced than others from places we all would not want to visit, far exceeds the inferior products being offered out there. I look forward to using your product during our summer vacation visiting places throughout the U.S.A.

Thanks for bringing this product out on the internet and I will be telling others how to get the same. Thanks.

Royal Edmondson
Houston, TX

The Roofbag is great. It fit on our Vibe car just like you said it would. It was easy to install on the car and easy to load.

We drove from Minneapolis up North to Bemidji with our 2 teen-age granddaughters in the car, all our luggage and theirs including life jackets, etc.

The Roofbag was just great. It also survived the rain fine. And it is so light and easy to throw around! Anyway, you make a good product, thank you.

Deborah Schreiber

Ventura, CA

Wow...what a GREAT website you have! It's the only site I could find that gives any detailed info about rooftop carriers. Thank you! Thanks for fully explaining your product!

Suzanne Kloss
Columbus, OH

Thank you very much for your help and consideration. I will definitely keep Roofbag in mind. Your product and your service are first rate and I will definitely recommend to family and friends.

Fred Jensen

Buffalo, NY

The bag was for my son, who was driving back to Baton Rouge from Bentonville, AR. He started off Monday evening in a blinding rainstorm, and the bag held up great--nothing got wet. Highly recommend this bag!

Henry Heck
Los Angeles, CA

Ordered 7PM Monday --- received 9AM Tuesday. You guys are great!
Many Thanks.

Ron Bond
Philadelphia, PA

Just back from a week near Lake Superior. 30-40 mph winds did not move our Roof Bag one inch. No rain leaked into the carrier either. A fantastic product.

Thanks to all of you for making it possible for us to have one, and for making enough room in the Forester for the dog to come along with us. We will be telling everyone we know how great you are...

Kim Kreiger, Scott and Jersey
Arlington, WI

As a healthcare traveler, my family and I go all over the country. We were in RI and headed for home finding ourselves with way too much stuff to fit in our car.

I orderd the RoofBag and it was delivered fast. There was a problem with shipping (box torn open) and straps were not received.

Your customer service was outstanding and replaced the lost straps quickly. The bag was easy to load and secure to the top of my car (no rack).

The weather on our 1200 mile trip back home was terrible. We have been driving through rain, hail, high winds.. you name it.

All our belongings have stayed nice, dry, and undamaged. Without our RoofBag, we would have been forced to pay hundreds of dollars to ship many of our things home, but the RoofBag, we can use again and again! Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

Susan Dever
Westerly, RI

Just wated to give some positive feedback. We just returned from a 700+ mile trip and the Roofbag performed great.

All the previous reviews were right on the money. Roofbag is now stored in the bag and hanging in the garage. I will recommend this to all my friends! Keep up the great work. Made in USA is what sold me!

Sam Engilsh
Keller, TX

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and answering my questions regarding your products. We are looking forward to our first vacation without a crowded car!

Bonnie Weaver
Lancaster, PA

We just completed a 2,000 mile trip with the Cross Country Roofbag. What an excellent product. When we began our trip, we were in the middle of a Nor'easter, driving rain coupled with 40+mph winds.

Not once did the bag come loose, nor did it leak. It truly held up to your weatherproof claim.

I would recommend this product to anyone who needs the extra space. This product is truly easy to use and held everything we needed with plenty of room to spare.

Danny Leek
Chesapeake, VA

I recently purchased your Cross Country RoofBag and was very happy with the service and quality that I received. I purchased the bag with hopes to use it for our next trip which happened to be be 5 days later. I received the bag with a day to spare.

During the first use, it rained for the entire 400 mile trip. I was apprehensive, but the bag performed very well. Thanks for the good quality product and fast shipping. I would highly recommend RoofBag to anyone needing some extra space. Thanks.

Tim Pruitt
Circle Roswell, GA

I just wanted to email you to say your product is fantastic! We drove from Maryland to Florida for holiday leave during torrential rains and all of the contents were bone dry!! It also looked a lot better on the van than some of those bulkier hard top carriers.

SSG Carmen Russo - US Army
Brooklyn, MD

Just wanted to let you know that the RoofBag worked wonderfully on our recent trip to Florida (we live in Ohio). There was a little bit of road noise, but once we adjusted the luggage, it was minimal.

It rained considerably on the last day of our trip and the luggage inside of the Roofbag stayed nice and dry. I would recommend your product to my friends and family. Definite quality for the money! Thanks again.

Robin Merideth
Akron, OH

I was VERY pleased with my RoofBag's first trip from which I have just returned. After loading the bag with lots of gear, I went to West Texas where it was subjected to cold, freezing rain, snow and then a lot of rain.

Nothing got damp, and the bag looks great. I am more than satisfied with the quality of your product and with the personal attention that I received. Keep up the good work.

Martin Nelson
Sour Lake, TX

I have had your rooftop carrier for about three months now. It's been a life-saver.

I go out of town maybe once a month for social gatherings and space can be a bit hard to come by when you've packed everything you need for a full weekend of fun. Now my girlfriend and I can bring two other people with plenty of room left in our trunk for extra baggage.

Thanks for a quality product that hasn't let us down in the slightest bit. It's the best investment that our house has made all year.

Billy Clark
Atlanta, GA

Great product!!! We took your bag on a 3300 mile trip through snow, rain, and high winds.

Not a leak or other problem to report, couldn't even find a scuff mark. Wiped it clean with Armor-All and stored it in the handy storage bag. Thanks for such a great and in-expensive product and great service and support.

Jonh Levis
Lakeside, AZ

I am looking forward to using the RoofBag on my trip to St. Louis and then to Clearwater for a month. I take my Golden Retriever along and my gem cutting equipment. So I needed a place for "stuff". You bag will fill the bill.

I was impressed with you website. Everything is explained, easy to understand and effortless ordering. You have done a nice job on the business functions.

As for service, impeccable. Simply couldn't be better. And with the 24/7 customer service, who could ask for anything more? Hats off to your organization, a "first class" company. Thanks again, and I'll let you know how my trip was in a few months. And now "It's escape from Chicago"!

Carl Swensen
Lake in the Hills, IL

I recently purchased a Roofbag for a family ski trip. It was my first roof-top carrier purchase, and I must admit that I was nervous about the stuff I stored atop my in-laws GMC.

We could not have chosen a worse day for travel. Sixty mph wind gusts in the Texas panhandle meant blowing dust. The same winds in NM meant blizzard and white-out conditions. Ice and snow in CO made for a fitting end of the trip.

And the Roofbag overcame it all. Inside the duffel bags, my clothes were dry and dirt free. I was amazed, and I thought you would like to know that I put your product to the test, and it passed. Sincerely,

Chad Chaddick
Borger, TX

I bought my RoofBag last year. I have taken it from Sewanee, TN to Naples, FL, and back. Also used it on a round trip to Atlanta. It is a great product.

John Herring
Sewanee, TN

Last summer we planned a 5500 km road trip to the east coast of Canada and then down into the States - 6 people with lots of camping equipment in a Safari. To avoid taking two vehicles I researched carriers and ordered your Roofbag.

It came very quickly (less than a week). We were absolutely amazed at how much we could put into the Roofbag (6 sleeping bags, 6 folding chairs, 3 large duffel bags, 6 blankets & 6 pillows!!).

It made the entire journey much more comfortable with all the space we had inside the vehicle.

The carrier never made a sound and kept its contents dry throughout the trip. We couldn't imagine having done the trip without your Roofbag - what a fantastic product! (and so easy to store) - you get lots of advertising from us in Ontario!

Ruth Thomson
Mississauga, ON, Canada

We used our new Roofbag on our trip to Nebraska from south Texas. On our way back, it proved true to be waterproof.

We drove through an ice storm with ice, sleet, snow, and rain, and all of our things were still completely dry when we got home. It has tons of storage, which made our long trip a little more comfortable. It's a great product!! Worth every penny!!

Melody Bollom
Kingsville, TX

Easy, simple, but weather proof! My son and I went camping this weekend and I could finally pack a whole campsite worth of stuff into my little car because of your product.!

It is sturdy, simple and can handle the elements! The dufflebags made packing so much easier, too! I have recommended your product already! Thanks for making a great American product!

Ernest Montoya
San Antonio, TX

The 15 cubic ft. Roofbag we recently purchased for our family vacation was an excellent investment. It held a large amount of baggage securely. There was very little drag on the car's aerodynamics and no change in gas mileage.

It proved to be durable and leak proof even on a day's travel with heavy rains. It folds well into the small storage bag to sit well on the closet shelf. The non-skid pad provided kept the bag in proper place on our vehicle.


I just got back from traveling North Carolina ... traveling thru the bad storms that are hitting the east coast.

The Cross Country bag I bought a few weeks back did great! I work in the textile/RF welding & Sewing industry.

I am VERY impressed w/ the quality of your product. I also ordered the slip-in duffle bags, extra straps and the case. Nice Stuff! Thanks again for helping to make our trip more enjoyable.

Jim Blair
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I'm a retired military who has worked in the area of customer service for over twenty years, and I just want you all to know that the service I received from Roofbag customer service was very helpful in my decision on buying your product.

And I will refer all my friends and family as well. Thank you for your assistance!

Mark DeLoach
Hampton, VA

We purchased the Explorer RoofBag approximately two weeks before our trip from St. Louis to Myrtle Beach. We received the RoofBag one week before our departure date.

We left St. Louis in a steady rain, which was moving in the same direction we were. It rained all the way from St. Louis to Knoxville, TN.

Everything in our RoofBag remained completely dry. The ride was so quiet, that we would forget it was on our roof, even in the heavy downfalls of rain.

We have a 01 CRV and the smaller Explorer Bag fit perfectly. We purchased two additional straps, but could have gotten by with just the two already included with the bag.

It is amazing how much extra space we had inside the CRV. Our teenage daughters appreciated not having stuff crammed on the floorboard between them.

We saw other cars with RoofBags while on our trip. We also saw other types of roof bags, which had various colors of duct tape. We're glad we purchased our carrier from RoofBag. Thank you for providing a very reliable and dependable product.

Terri Ott
St. Charles, MO

Thanks so much. I must say that ordering from you all has been a pleasure. Everyone from the time I placed the order until today has been nothing but kind and helpful. You don't find that a lot in today's world. I will highly recommend your company to anyone. Thanks again.


Excellent product. Nicely priced.

Sven Bridstrup
Warrenton, VA

I spoke with one of your customer representatives earlier this morning. While I do not recall her name, she was *extremely* helpful, to the point, and answered all of my questions. Kind thanks!

Mark Warhola
Chicago, IL

I purchased the 15 cu. ft. Explorer with three duffle bags (a must have accessory). We traveled nine hours to S. Padre Island, TX in our Caravan and the Roofbag exceeded my expectations.

There was virtually no movement using the two provided straps, which included superb instructions on how to properly secure the bag. On the way home we drove through a severe thunderstorm. In fact, I had to slow down to 40 mph just to see the highway.

Upon our arrival I was pleased to see that the duffle bags were completely dry. I patted myself on the back for making a great purchase and now I salute you guys for manufacturing such a fine product at a fair price.

By the way, we used one of the duffle bags for dirty cloths during our week long stay. I can't say enough about how much easier the roof bag made our trip.

The kids had more room to stretch out and I was able to take things that I would have otherwise left behind. I did bring my step ladder to make loading and unloading easier on the other end.

We may start using the Roofbag for shorter trips just so we can bring more stuff.

Sean Dupre
Lufkin, TX

We got our Roofbag on time and it was a smap to get ready. Used it to go on vacation in No. Wisconsin for the week and it performed wonderfully. Thank you for making a great product that I'm sure we'll get years of use out of.

Amy Hennessey
Oakdale, MN

I found the bag to be wonderful. It is user-friendly allowing for portability, convenience and piece of mind not being concerned where I would store it once I reached my destination, simply fold and store in its own carrying bag.

I am a vertically challenged individual, however the bag was very manageable. I have not had the opportunity to travel during inclement weather, however its rugged and durable construction appears to be able to maintain the weatherproofing that is advertised.

I also greatly appreciate the fact that it has been made in the USA. We need more companies like Thank you for your quality product and your commitment to our country.

Lovenia Lewis
Harrisburg, PA

Had the opportunity to call customer service with a question - very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. That's a pleasure!

Danford Barney
Colorado Springs, CO

This is a wonderful product!! We wanted to take our kids camping but weren't sure how to pack everything into our sedan.

I came across the Roofbag website and was amazed that there was a product for car without roof racks. Reading through the information we decided to purchase a bag.

It was a great decision!!! We packed our camping gear and had a wonderful time. The bag is well constructed and worth every penny.

We returned in a downpour and nothing in the bag got wet!!! It is easy to pack and unpack, installation is a breeze, and storage of the bag is compact.

This is top rate company with excellent customer service. I will purchase again from them. I'm eyeing those duffle bags - neat idea!!!

Thank you again for making such a quality product and helping us make are camping trip possible.

Kathy Allan
Aurora, IL

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